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FAQ PATH projects


Who are you and why is PATH projects different?
We are a small group of passionate runners that were dissatisfied with our running apparel. We were all in the apparel industry and were completely underwhelmed by the product available to us. What constantly went through my head was “The person who designed this is a designer not a runner”. So, we set out to create a brand using better materials, more running specific details and we started analyzing the smallest of details. It’s not a job or our business, it has become our craft and our passion. We are 100% direct to consumer with a single mark up and no one in between you and us. We want to build a brand and a community that is built on a single premise of making your run more enjoyable. We want you to join us and share your adventures and struggles and any product feedback that you have.

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How do I reach PATH projects?
We have lots of options and try to answer questions as quickly as possible. Call us in the office at 385 355-3173, You can text us 24/7 at this number also (385) 355-3173, email us at, or reach us through Facebook or Instagram.

Where are you located, and do you have a store?
We are splitting our office time between Southern California and the Northern Wasatch Mountains in Utah. Our product is stored and shipped from a 3PL warehouse in Northern California. We are 100% consumer direct and do not have a retail store (yet).


Where is your product made?
Currently our Shorts are produced in China with fabric provided from Toray of Japan. Base Liners and all Tops are made in the United States. Headwear is all custom made for us in Bangladesh.

How do I know what Short or Base Liner is right for me?
We have created a short comparison and base liner comparison chart. It allows you to quickly compare the specs, details, and the design objectives of each product. If you still have question please call, text, or email us and we can help you with your decision.

Do you make shorts with built in liners?
We have spent years and thousands of miles testing shorts and liners. Our conclusion is that a separate Short and Base Liner gives you the best performance and flexibility. We are all in on our component-based layering system and currently offer no sewn in liners in any of our shorts. Once you try it you will never go back to sewn in liners.

When do you release new product?
We are constantly developing new product based on our needs as runners and feedback from our passionate community. Once we have the design perfect and we have thoroughly tested it we go into production. Our goal is make it right the first time and keep it available, so you can always come back to it. Making better product that performs and last longer is our goal. It’s not your typical hit or miss seasonal development model of business.


What is your policy for returns and exchanges?
Our model is based on building the highest quality product using the best materials. Then offering it to our community at a single (approx sign here)50% mark up. We don’t pad our margins to allow for free shipping and free returns on every purchase. If you purchase a product and you need a different size or it does not fit, we will work with you to return or exchange it without a restocking fee. If you buy 10 items in every size and color and want to return 8 we are going to charge you a restocking fee on each item.

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Who are your freight carriers?
We ship from a 3rd Party Warehouse and they offer us the option of Fed Ex and USPS First Class. All customers paying for freight go out via Fed Ex and we offer three options. Free shipping is shipped via Fed Ex or USPS First Class depending on the destination. If you paid for Fed Ex shipping and would like it to be shipped USPS First Class. Contact us immediately and we can contact the warehouse change it to USPS First Class.

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