About Path projects


PATH projects makes premium running apparel, for every terrain, path and adventure. Designs and technical fabrics that outperform, out style and out-run anyone. Running shorts, tops, base layers and headwear – everything we build is high-end, timeless in style and unmatched in price.


We want your experience of running to be as rewarding as possible. It’s why we obsess over the placement and angle of a pocket, the wicking properties of a waistband, the range of motion in a specific yarn.

Every fabric, stitch and seam is a debate about comfort, durability and craftsmanship. We design and modify, test and hack. Because we want you to run farther, with less effort, and more joy.


Question everything & stand apart from average! In order to bring you the most innovative running gear, we frequently teardown on construction, technical fabrics and the underlying functionality of each component.
This is how we broke with design convention and developed a system of interchangeable running shorts and base liners.


We live outdoors, on the roads and trails that take us to so many beautiful places. We run to revitalize our spirits. Keep us strong and independent. To deepen friendships and discover new ones.
We are constantly pushing ourselves and testing new limits. Bound by a common passion for exploration and self discovery, with trial and error along the way. 

Our values

  • DO ONE THING REALLY WELL - We are a running apparel company, this singular focus keeps us on track in our lane. This allows us to constantly innovate. Less is more.
  • MODERN, MINIMALIST STYLING - Our brand aesthetic is timeless, clean and simple. No crazy colors and dated styling. Our apparel is built to last, for extreme runs, grueling workouts and daily chill. 
  • AUTHENTICITY- By runners for runners. We are extremely passionate about the outdoors and about developing & testing our latest running clothing. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY - Nature is our best mentor and it’s our responsibility to respect our planet. We are not chasing new trends or seasonal colors. All our high quality gear is durable, functional and timeless. Developed for running, our apparel can be used for many activities and everyday wear. Reuse and recycle is always a top priority. We share our warehouse with several other brands so we shrink the footprint. 
  • LEAN AND FRUGAL - We are a self funded start- up, which breeds resourcefulness in a variety of ways. 
  • INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION - We have plenty of experience in product R&D and we test like crazy. That doesn’t mean that we don’t miss a trick or that designs can’t be improved. Our goal is a running feedback loop that helps keep the innovations coming. In short, you’re our eyes, ears and legs.

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