Trail Running in San Francisco

San Francisco Trail Running
Recently we met up with several friends in SF to run the beautiful Marin Headlands trails. Located north of San Francisco, just over the Golden Gate Bridge, this hilly area has great views of the bridge, bay, and the city. Strava link to our 9 mile route can be found here
Trail Running San Francisco
San Francisco PATH projects
Trail Running Marin Headlands
There are many loop options available to find your ideal distance, from a short run to ultra. 
PATH projects running shorts
Marin Headlands running
Scott Bailey and Toby Silver trail running San Francisco
Stunning coastal views from many sections of the trails.
Stunning coastal views from many sections of the trails. 
Trail running PATH projects
The Run Experience Craig Dos Santos with Scott Bailey from PATH projects
running hills PATH projects
Most of the trails here are non-technical fire roads. The terrain is hilly with significant elevation change on most of the routes. 
running up hills with friends
Some of these hills are no joke! 
group of runners standing on top of hill
Jennifer and Toby running San Francisco
Some of these challenging hills are definitely worth the unbelievable views from the top!
Marin Headlands Strava
Our good friend Toby Silver showed us around on his local trails. Check out his project 50 Shades of Pavement (Instagram | Strava). He is running the entire city of San Francisco, all 1260+ miles and 2612 streets. There are 36 neighborhoods, over 50 hills and nearly endless vistas. He is already 95% there!  Read more!
San Francisco running Toby Silver

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To enter, let us know in the comments below, what is your favorite place to run and why? One winner will be annouced on July 15th. Good luck! 


  • My favorite place to run is the public trail right by my house. It is so peacefully quiet in the early mornings when I run and right at mile 3, I get a nice view of Lambeau Filed!

    Joe Van Remortel
  • Love running in Tahoe/Truckee area!

    Tim McCleskey
  • Favorite run: Ripley Run in the South Bay Area of California! Plenty of hills on the way to Hermosa Beach.

    Michael Madlangbayan
  • I love running trails in San Diego!!!

    John Robinson
  • I like running in Southern Colorado, Forbes Park. I love running there because it isn’t hot and flat like here in South Texas plus the views of Blanca Peak, Mount Lindsey and East and West Spanish Peaks is amazing!

    Ed Burke
  • Forest Park in Portland, Oregon is the largest urban park in the United States, and a great place for trail running, with mile after mile of single-track trail, old roads closed to motorized vehicles, and everything in between. The only thing that would make it better would be running through the woods there in brand new Path Projects gear purchased with the $100 gift card I just won in this contest. (Hint, hint!)

    Joe Dudman
  • I live in Ohio, so not a lot of vert around. My favorite places to run locally are Cincinnati Nature Center and My Airy Forest.
    My favorite place I’ve run is probably Acadia National Park. Though Pikes Peak was awesome too.

    Nick H
  • My favorite place to run is on the bike trails of central Iowa!

  • The trail system is still growing but White Mesa in the Zia Pueblo outside of Bernalillo, NM is truly an amazing and beautiful place. It’s one of those places where it’s hard to take a bad picture. The primary loop is only 8mi long but you feel like you’re running on a different planet.

  • Favorite place to run is Superstition Mountains in AZ.

    Ryan Elms
  • My favorite has to be the angels rest devils rest loop in the Columbia river gorge.

  • Red Rock Canyon, NV. Can’t beat desert sunrises!

  • Leadville, CO is the coolest place I’ve ever run. But one of these days I’m gonna head out to Cali to run with the Path Projects team on their backyard trails because.. that would be so awesome. Love your stuff!!

    Jacob Fetterolf
  • My favorite place to run while I lived in the South of France was La Garrigues, a very long stretch of preserved land where the clay covered terrain can vary from tough hills, flats and great single tracks. Coming across hunters during hunting season is always a risk but one worth taking. Wild boars and hunting dogs abound and a few crazy bikers and trail runners lost in the infinite labyrinth of trails in the open space. Solitude, the odor of fresh thyme and rosemary, the magnificent views, all only a hop away from my doorstep. Wonderful 5 yrs spent there running day and night

    Richard Garro
  • Cedar ridge preserve, it is the only place in DFW to get some decent elevation gain in.

    Isaac Hicks
  • I love running at John Bryan state park in Yellow Springs, OH. The trail system has a bit of everything. There are miles of fast single track and technical rocky sections along the Little Miami river in the beautiful Clifton Gorge preserve.

  • I live in Old Lyme, CT, where the local land trust has done an incredible job of preserving open spaces. It’s an old New England village on the banks of the CT River and the Long Island Sound, more often the haunt of whalers and shipping captains throughout history than runners and hikers. But half a mile from my door is a trail system good for eight to ten miles of unrepeated trails. Another few miles up the road is a nine mile forested trail loop, with plenty of ascents and descents. A few miles north is another 14 mile trail through wilderness preserves. It combines for a piece of trail running Eden in one of the oldest and most picturesque parts of the country.

    Steve Jungkeit
  • I love running in the alps. Lots of challenging vert and technical downhills. And those vieeeeews!

  • I just started running again so right now my favorite place is in my neighborhood as I get back up to speed. I travel a lot for work and am looking forward to finding beautiful places to run in some of those areas such as Oregon and New Mexico. I really like the Sykes shorts for running and the Brim model for Disc Golf!

    Peyton Stone
  • I love to run anywhere I can meet up with friends, explore a bit, and challenge ourselves. Coffee and doughnut accessibility afterwards is pretty key too.

    Brian T Wandzilak
  • There is a section of the Bruce Trail in Milton that runs between Rattlesnake Point and Crawford Lake which has a long, winding downhill section under heavy tree cover that you can run flat out and still be relatively safe…if you consider 2:30/km or 4:00/mi downhill safe :)

    Just thinking of it makes me smile. Thank you for bringing back the memory!

    James Hoysa
  • I just returned from a trip to the UK’s Lake District and it is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever run. Can’t wait to go back.

    Brian Walters
  • Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe

  • My favorite place to run is a section of the Appalachian Trail. I’m a newer runner and part of my still believes that nobody could run up this mountain when I stop and stare up at the trail.

    I rescued a dog a few months ago, and I bring him with me as I tackle this impossible section. I still struggle up the mountain, but Titan literally runs circles around me as I do it. Each week I cut a few more seconds off my time up the mountain just trying to keep up with my pup.

  • Rock creek park, Washington, D.C. Special— super close downtown DC but nice diverse trails and a way to get out and get lost.

  • El Morro (Crystal Cove State Park) – one of the few places you can run trails and have an ocean view almost the whole time! Plus, plenty of vertical to train for anything…

  • My favorite place to run are the trails around Arcadia Lake.

    Clint McKnight
  • Metropolitan Branch Trail — it’s got everything! Asphalt! Amazing original murals! Views of construction sites and the U.S. Capitol! It used to have cool totem poles but they were removed because of a new construction project. :(

    Marc Silver
  • North Cascades National Park!

  • Marquette, Michigan.. Running there this weekend!

  • The superior hiking trail in Duluth, MN. Fun, technical trails with awesome views and few people!

    David Bergstrom
  • The superior hiking trail in Duluth, MN. Fun, technical trails with awesome views and few people!

    David Bergstrom
  • I love running the trails in Grand Junction, CO.

    Evan M Rich
  • My favorite place to run is forest park in Portland.

    Ryan West
  • I love running in the State Park behind my house. It’s shady in the summer, it’s quiet, nature at its finest with snakes, frogs, turtles, birds, foxes, etc. I can go for as long as I want and not see a car or a building….it’s what life should be.

    Arron Garrod
  • I love running in the State Park behind my house. It’s shady in the summer, it’s quiet, nature at its finest with snakes, frogs, turtles, birds, foxes, etc. I can go for as long as I want and not see a car or a building….it’s what life should be.

    Arron Garrod
  • Mountains for me! The sheer awe induced by massive mountains can’t be beat.

  • I love running at the beach. Boardwalk + breeze + ocean = perfection!


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