Back in Stock! The Cascade T-shirt

black Cascade T-Shirt

The Tencel blend fabric provides unmatched performance and feel.



★ ★ ★ ★ 

“Whether running or just everyday wear, this is my favorite shirt in my closet hands down. Most comfortable shirt I own.” - Ryan S. (customer)

cascade t in all our colors

The Tencelite 19 fabric is what sets this shirt apart from the pack. It wicks away moisture, is quick dry and has natural anti-odor protection.

tencelite 19 fabric

This technical garment checks boxes for comfort, softer fabric and carefully tuned thermoregulation. The soft natural hand and modern cut makes it perfect for extreme runs, grueling work outs or daily chill. Made in the USA.

Tencel is made from Eucalyptus wood pulp

This fabric mix scores high on breathability and lightweight design. The TENCEL blend amplifies the moisture wicking skills and odor resistance. TENCEL is a traceable and sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus wood pulp. That gives you a softer feel against the skin and a gentler effect on the planet. Non-toxic chemicals and solvents are used when creating the fabric. Think premium pima cotton alloyed with a high-performance synthetic.

cascade tshirt swatches

The Cascade t-shirts are available in 5 colors:
Heather Grey, Black, Olive Grey, Heather Navy & White

 ★ ★ ★ ★ 

“Usually I pay around $70 for a tee of this quality, especially with the tencel blend on the fabric. Great fit too!” - Josh S. (customer)

“So comfortable and functional its almost like your running naked.” - Gary (customer)

“Looks great out on the trail, roads, or as an everyday piece of attire.” - Christopher C. (customer)

Tencelite 19 Technology

Cascade features and technology

The Tencelite 19 fabric is featured in

cascade tshirt in heather greyMadre tshirt in white

Rockies TPyrenees T19


running shirt enter to win

Comment to enter: for which activities would you wear you Cascade shirts if you win this contest? Let us know in the comments below! Get a bonus entry for following @pathprojects on Instagram. Contest ends Wednesday July 25 at 11:59pm. Terms and conditions.  



  • I’ll be running my first miler in September so I would be wearing them for that.

    Tim Cooke
  • I’m running my first miler in September so I would wear them for that!

    Tim Cooke
  • All the runs, on the town, in the sleeping bag, under the puffy; where wouldn’t we wear these :D

  • All the runs, on the town, in the sleeping bag, under the puffy; where wouldn’t we wear these :D

  • Definitely all my long runs

  • I would wear these every single time I ran.

    Bill Ryan
  • Honestly would be easy to wear these most anywhere, but I would especially wear them on days for my bike commute to work.

  • I would love these T’s for just about all the activities I do during the summer (ie, hiking, running cycling).

    Michael Woods
  • I wear the cascade shirt for everything. It is my go to shirt for working out and relaxing! I tell all my friends about it and their other awesome items.

  • I’d wear the shirts on trail and road runs, and maybe even bike rides!

    Burgess Eberhardt
  • Running the trails!

  • Definitely trail running

  • It is best for trail running. I will wear it for my 100km charity run in Hong Kong!!

  • I’d wear it just about every day, but I think it’ll be especially useful when training for my next ultramarathon!

  • Would love to try these shirts. I’ve tried many and found few that really do a good job at being lightweight and staying dry (as much as possible). I run 5-6 days a week and could use a whole rotation!

    Wayland Boozer
  • Trail running, reading, listening to music, walking my dog, etc..

    Rod Kump
  • I’d wear them running and on a trip to Shibuya, Japan later this summer.

  • The Cascade would be perfect for any of my outdoor activities. Running, fishing, hiking, hammock lounging, storm chasing and more.

    Todd Segraves
  • Grand canyon rim2rim2rim

    Robert Jones
  • The Cascade sounds perfect for my hot and humid summer New England runs! Running, hiking, summer chillin. I’d wear it for the essentials. =)

    Chris La Croix
  • I love how soft and comfortable these shirts are…I would wear them as much as my wife would allow.

  • I run in them now, will continue to do so. Super comfy and lite even when soaked. 👍👍 for me.

  • I would wear it on the trail and on a casual day in the office.

    Pj reeb
  • My Pyrenees hoodie is already my go to when it gets a little cool out, but to throw on another layer by these while I run the trails, and chase some summits would be a level of comfort I can barely comprehend!

  • Loungin’ around town after an Ozark trail run, brunching on huevos rancheros and drinking black coffee

    Timothy Steen
  • Definitely for East Coast trail running.

  • Running on the hot canadian prairies!

  • I would wear them on my runs, trail runs, and 5Ks

    Sam Hernandez
  • Would love to test drive these in the mountains here in Colorado. 🏔🏔🏔

    Geoff Moffat
  • I’d wear them training for the Houston Marathon. Also coaching my kids Little League games.

    Ryan K
  • Need some new shirts to climb in that I can leave the crag with! I’ve been pretty hard on shirts lately.

    Iain Cooley
  • Running and winning my local 50k!

    Rob cook
  • Running and surviving the heat in South Carolina!

    Nathan Dewey
  • All my 4am runs including my 30mile run commute to and fro work 2x/week. Also during my Berlin marathon and 50k race in November

    Andy Hooks
  • I would pair these shirts up with my Path Projects shorts & liners when running trails, roads, hanging out in the running shop – plus everyday use. Keep up the great work! ✌🏼

    Zach Gonzalez
  • Anywhere outside, enjoying nature, is the right place to wear PATH products. I’d love to take these on some runs or hikes around Minnesota.

    Jamison Swift
  • To be honest, I am anxiously waiting on my next shipment arrival to receive the entire collection. But only one in each color may not suffice for my run across Texas in 3 months 😄 Love the Tees (and tanks), PATH.

    Jacob Fetterolf
  • Trail running, duh

  • Love this shirt!! Can’t workout in anything else anymore. I sweat hard and it’s the only shirt I don’t suffocate in. It’s breathable and lightweight, even when soaked. I wear it for EVERY activity! On the trails, at the gym, hanging with friends, and even as a top while surfing. I love this tee and can’t get enough of them!

  • Besides the fact my wife wants me to get some new shirts to replace my raggy ones I wear now, I would sure wear these while I turn 50 this year running and training for my first ever marathon. Love PATH!🖤🖤

    Hayes Portrrfield
  • I would wear these for daily training and during the four ultras I have scheduled in the next few months.

    Joe Clarkson
  • I’m finishing up my teaching program and I am going to be a P.E./ Health teacher. I’d wear these not only for my runs but in the class each day. 5 new different shirts plus the ones I’ve bought already would give me an awesome rotation to keep me cool and still look professional! These shirts are the best!

  • I’d be taking these as my only shirts on a two road trip through the western part of the country to see different national parks

    Joe Van Remortel
  • I’d wear them trail running, fishing, walking my pup, hiking, and most certainly pick a favorite color for my trail marathon in September!

    Joe Mayer
  • Octoberfest half marathon and daily runs in my valley.

    Ivan Ortiz
  • Octoberfest half marathon and daily runs in my valley.

    Ivan Ortiz
  • Running while listening to the Ten Junk Miles podcast! #TJM

    Matt Millard
  • Running, mountain biking, hiking, petting dogs and eating tacos :) A different color shirt for every activity!

    Staci R
  • First I would wear them on my 4 Day backpacking adventure around Mt Adams in August…I would then proceed to wear it for my first 50 miler at the ABC 50 in Anza Borrega this December ⛰

    Brad Davis
  • I would literally wear a shirt for everything! Work, running, driving, sleeping, and eating. That’s literally everything I do.

    Isaac Hicks

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