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New Graphic T-shirts

simple mtn topo t-shirt
Our graphic shirts are printed with reflective ink. Made in the USA.
The Tencelite 19 fabric wicks away moisture, is quick dry and has natural anti-odor protection.
The soft natural hand makes it perfect for extreme runs, grueling workouts or daily chill.

*** Contest is now over. Congrats to Ryan Maters for winning the $150 gift card to PATH projects. More contests coming up soon, stay tuned!! ***

🚨 To enter this contest, let us know in the comments, which items you would pick if you would win the $150 gift card. 🚨 


  • I would get 4 Cascade SS T shirts for my husband, Mark.

    Joy Chadwick
  • I would order the Wheeler shorts,a Pyrenees hoody and a Muir cap.

    Todd A
  • I would love either of the prints with reflective ink on the front of the shirts. Amazing. I love both the grey’s and the black’s which happen to be my two favorite colors when it comes to my wardrobe choices.

    Richard A Galbraith
  • JAMES TOPO all day!!! Getting one now!

    Joseph OSO Bearss
  • Circle range in heather/ james topo in black. More shorts and some torch fx’s

  • More liners and a pair of shorts. Maybe a hoodie too
    Basically what I just bought last week for about $150

    Nick H
  • Crest px 9 inch shorts for sure looked like a great buy

    Craig Ashley
  • I absolutely love all you hear I own all your shorts and now just need t shirts to help prepare for this summer heat. I would spend all 150 on your shirt collections

    Ruben Jimenez
  • Circle range in heather navy

    Jennifer George
  • I would go for the Circle Range in Heather!

  • $150 – Tahoe and Torch base liners, Sykes AT 5" along with the new simple topo short sleeve shirt and another Pyrenees hooded long sleeve shirt. I’ve really enjoyed the Pyrenees – works over a variety of temperatures and the material is quite comfortable.

    Erik Lewerenz
  • For my 50th this year I’m gifting myself a 80+ mile bike ride with a huge 5k+’ climb followed by an awesome 50 mile desert run through Zion NP. Training is going to be awesome and I’ll have plenty of long runs coming off of long, tough bikes. I’ll need something deliciously-silky to slip into like 5" Tahoe liners and some forgiving 7" Backbone shorts to allow some space for my glorious quads and booty! To combat the desert heat and cold and I’d love to sport a thin Long Sleeved shirt like the Cascade to protect me from the sun in the day and keep the chill off at night. I’ll top the ensemble off with a Bandlands or Muir cap so I can spread the PP love in all my training pics on Strava and on my final ‘project/run’ report that you guys can feature on your blog. ;)

    Todd H
  • I would get the mountain Topo shirt in Navy along with another pair of Path 5’ shorts and the associated underwear boxers which are sold separately. Todd

    Todd schroeder
  • To further complete the collection I would snag the Madre Sleeveless, Simple Mountain tee, Big Bend Trucker Cap, and my favorite combo-Sykes Short and Tahoe liners!!

    Aaron Zuniga
  • I would get some gear for my first 100 miler. Would like either the Sykes or graves shorts with a liner. Would also like a Pyrenees hooded shirt. With any leftover, I would love a Muir cap.

  • A couple pairs of CREST PX 9" and couple base layers.

  • Definitely another Pyrenees, another torch base, and another graves, I wear mine way too often.

  • Path projects is all I wear.

  • path logo or circle range in any color or liners bc i already have all your hats and shorts i like

    Steven Snyder
  • I would go for the James Topo in black. :)

  • I would get the Graves PX 7 and some Tahoe CL 5"

    Carl Franzon
  • I would go for the Simple MTN Topo, Pyrennes Hoodie, Backbone PX5, and a badlands cap! Everything I would need for an adventure run

    Doug M
  • Circle range in heather !!!

    Jesse Heise
  • The Sykes AT 5" shorts with the Torch FX liner. This Summer is going to be HOT!

    Max Long
  • Definitely the badlands hat! Probably the Wheeler shorts… and could always use more of tees, the topos looks great!

  • I would pick Wheeler shorts and Pyrenees Long Sleeve.

    Steve A
  • I’d buy the Wheeler FT shorts, a badlands cap, and a Circle Range SS T! Thanks Path Projects!!! Love the gear!!❤️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

    Gavin Cullumber
  • I would finally get my first set of path gear, the circle range tee, the pyrenees hooded long sleeve, and the 5” backbone shorts… and a cap as well for the long trail runs!

    Steven P
  • Pair of the new Wheeler shorts with the separate liner. Topo shirt and a pair of 5" Sykes shorts with a liner. Oh and a Henley! Thanks!

    Shane Goslin
  • Path logo t in black $38
    Tahoe CL 5” Base Liner $27
    Sykes Px 5” short in black $47
    Muir Cap in black $24
    Total $136

  • A few pair of Wheeler shorts. A pair of Backbone shorts and a hat!

    Michael Schreiber
  • Skyes shorts and hats!

  • Would love at least one more Pyrenees and (another) pair of the Sykes PX 7". The new Simple MTN Topo looks pretty great as well!

    Colin C
  • I would get a pair of shorts and a couple shirts. Maybe the gnarly mountain bandana too!

    Rachel Mertz
  • I’m in for anything we that you make; it’s all such amazing stuff! Now, I’m going Wheeler short and the new Simple MTN shirt…your stuff is the best!

  • I hear nothing but good things about the Pyrennes hooded shirt, and I already love the Graves shorts and Shasta liner – if there’s anything left over, a Simple Mountain T looks good.

  • James topo do sho!

    Stan King
  • I love the James Topo and Circle Range in Heather Navy, so would definitely get those 2 graphic tees. Your products are great so it would be super easy to spend the rest!

    R Miller
  • With 150$, I can renew my gear. T-shirts, short, hat, base liner. I will purchase one of each

  • Definitely the base liners. Or another pair the Sykes in 7"

  • I would pick the Circle Range in Heather Navy, as well as just a few other bits, since all your clothes look so nice, so anything from you would be nice to have.

  • I love all your products. I would get something for my son and maybe myself for Mother’s Day! :)

    Lisa Kowalski
  • I’ve had few products stuck in the shopping cart for quite a while (thanks for reminding me) – would finally pull the trigger on that with an extra boost:
    Pyrenees T19 Hooded Long Sleeve, 3x Tahoe CL liners, Graves PX short & that new tee looks sweet.

  • Easy! I want to try one of your shirts and a hat. I already own a few shorts/short liners, but want to try the Crest relaxed fit ones!

    BADLANDS CAP (grey) – $25
    CREST PX – 7" SHORT $47
    CREST PX – 9" SHORT $47

    Michael A Beaudet
  • 3 more pair of 5" Torch liners and a Badlands cap.

  • I’d pick the simple Mtn TOPO in heather navy.

    Dwayne Erb
  • 1. Another pair of the wheeler shorts…easily my favorite pair of shorts ever.
    2. One each of the new shirts; the simple mountain topo and James mountain topo.
    3. muir cap

    Absolutely love your products…best stuff out there. Keep up the great work

  • I would get some 5” shorts and liners, as long as some shirts!

    Doug Hall
  • Working to kit out the boy in good stuff, so I’d select the Circle range shirt, Sykes shorts, and another Muir cap.

  • Sykes px 5” shorts. Torch liners and a random top

    roy hampton

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