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New Graphic T-shirts

simple mtn topo t-shirt
Our graphic shirts are printed with reflective ink. Made in the USA.
The Tencelite 19 fabric wicks away moisture, is quick dry and has natural anti-odor protection.
The soft natural hand makes it perfect for extreme runs, grueling workouts or daily chill.

*** Contest is now over. Congrats to Ryan Maters for winning the $150 gift card to PATH projects. More contests coming up soon, stay tuned!! ***

🚨 To enter this contest, let us know in the comments, which items you would pick if you would win the $150 gift card. 🚨 


  • Oh boy. Well, easy:

    I would get one pair of Olive Graves PX 5" with a base layer of course, and one pair of Sykes 5" shorts in black with base layer. I would get more, but I love the Cascade SS T’s, and need more of them in my life. So I would snag a couple of those in varying colors since the three I have get almost daily use. They are literally the best shirts I have ran in, AND just worn as a daily shirt. My wife told me I need to wear other shirts because it is getting alittle weird (but they NEVER SMELL, so she cannot complain!).

    And if I have left over $$, I would probably pick up another hat to throw into the rotation or even spend little extra to get a Pyrenees T19 hooded shirt (in olive of course) or a Cascade LS Shirt (if only it came in olive).

    Too bad the “Non-Elite” Kofuzi shirts are sold out, because I would have snagged that too :)

    Justin Frye

    Josh Anderson
  • Another pair of Sykes shorts + those shirts with reflective ink!

    Jonathon Western
  • One of each of the new graphic t-shirts LOL. Any of the shorts would do.

    Evan Rich
  • 💚I would buy all the things!🤸🏼🏃🏻‍♂️

  • The new trucker hat, the new reflective tees, more base liners and graves shorts

    Eric B
  • Cascade T…. got one and love it…. and shorts… and liners.

    Jacob Shank
  • Sykes or Graves shorts, Pyrenees shirt, graphic tees.

    Abram Kielsmeier-Jones
  • Definitely the Sykes, Graves or Wildcat shorts and the Big bend trucker hat!

    Ryan Maters

    Kimberly McElroy
  • Definitely some shorts and liners!

    Joel Kingsbury
  • I’m getting a Pyrenees T19 because summer won’t come proper to NJ yet :D And some 7" short – love that extra length.

  • Pyrenees T19 hooded long sleeve shirt, olive or navy, size XS
    Simple Mtn Topo SS T, XS
    Circle Range SS T, navy, XS
    Cascade LS Heather Gray, XS

    Bekye Eckert
  • I like the Path Logo t-shirt in Heather Grey with the 5" shorts in black

    Brian Lee
  • Another Muir cap, one Pyrenees T19 long sleeve shirt and the cascade ss T shirt for sure !

  • All of the Tahoe 5" liners :) and some shirts of course

    Steven Estremera
  • Anything. As long as there is a Path tag on it.

    Arnaud Pichery
  • So much good stuff to choose from! Definitely a pair of Graves PX 5", another pair of the Torch FX, the Big Bend trucker so I can rep the brand anytime, and the Simple Mtn Topo shirt…which puts me over the $150, but hey what are you going to do!

    Matthew Clover
  • Some new shorts and liners!

    Sykes AT and Torch FX.

    William Chan
  • Sykes 5 inch shorts
    Another base liners

    Andrew Campbell
  • Graphic t’s and a hoodie. Thank you!

    Matt C
  • Path Projects is my absolute favorite running brand!
    Pyrenees T19 Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt in grey, heather navy for sure when back in stock!
    SYKES PX – 7" SHORT in olive

  • I feel like there are no misses with Path Projects! Every piece of gear has been superb. The James Topo Short Sleeve, a new pair of Graves shorts, and some Tahoe base liners would definitely round out my collection, though!

    Ryan Page
  • MTN Topo

  • I would buy the new James Topo shirt, a Pyrenees hooded shirt and the new Crest 9” shorts, my favorite running shorts.

    Francisco Ames
  • More Ts and more shorts!

  • Top shirt.

    Ryan Morin
  • Shorts, hoodie, liner❣️

    Vicki D
  • One of everything?!! Or just a Henley, graphic tee, Pyrenees, and some shorts.

    Joe beaudet
  • Couple more Graves PX7" Shorts with Base Liners, Circle Range in Navy, Muir Cap

    Jeff Powell
  • Shorts, hats, graphic Ts, the kitchen sink….all of it!!!

    Ryan Koresko
  • shorts and more shorts.

  • Simple MTN TOPO SS T, some more baseliners, Sykes PX, Pyrennes LS, oh heck it would be Christmas in summer!

    Kevin C Kindt
  • More Liners and a Pyrenees Hoodie!

    Brandon Araujo
  • more liners and shorts!!! Maybe a shirt

  • pyrenees hoodie
    tahoe 3" base liner
    graves px 5" short

    more of what I have and love

  • I’d re-up on the Pyrenees tops and Graves shorts!

    Kevin C
  • I’d pick up the trucker hat, henley, and some more 5" shorts w/ liners. Favorite new running apparel brand!

  • I would pick up another pair of the Sykes AT shorts, try out the Wheeler shorts, and for good measure the MTN Topo shirt.

    Chris McElveny
  • As much as I could. Def a pair of shorts, a few tees and the long sleeve light weight running shirt! All quality products!

    Stefan Keiser
  • Shorts and liners

    Tyler Peek
  • I would love to try the new graphic shirts and a hat or two. I love the Path Projects shorts and shirts I already have, but I’ve been wanting to check out the hats!

  • I absolutely love your Graves PX shorts and could easily use a new pair or three.

    Bradley Johnson
  • Mtn topo in heather blue short-sleeve shirt.

  • I would be buying the new shirt for sure in the different colors that are available. Shirts from Pathprojects are very comfortable and great for running or every day use

    Francois Nelis
  • I would choose both gray and black shirts.

    Michael Muldoon
  • Definitely the Mtn topo shirt and a hat

    Gregory Ryan
  • Anything in black so I can pretend to me a Ninja in the woods!

    Chris Tatnall
  • I would buy all of the Torch FX base liners. All of them.

    Jeff Merrell
  • Path logo shirt, Sykes px 5” shorts. Torch liners

    John McCulloch

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