Introducing the Torch FX Base Liners

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Flowthru FX material details

The new Torch FX base liners are the heat management specialist in a 5” inseam (3" inseam available August 24). Developed to perform from mild heat to the highest temperatures of summer. Our Flowthru FX fabric provides unmatched ventilation while it wicks away moisture and protects you from chaffing. So soft and comfortable you can wear them for any sport or activity.



Torch FX base liner in black

• Climate = moderate to hot
• Compression = mid level
• Flowthru FX 79% polyester / 21% spandex punch hole knit high performance mesh.

flowthru icons

• Tripure elastic waistband. Anti-microbial, durable, quick dry, temperature regulating
• Engineered panels with less seams and a better fit
• Non functional fly means less fabric bulk up front
• Comfort front pouch to keep things in place
• Soft touch stitching for chafe free wear
• 5” inseam for mid thigh coverage
• Small reflective logo at lower left side
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Weight: 3.4 oz / 96 g

path projects component layering

All our shorts are designed on the component layering system. They do not have liners. For the best running experience, pair with one of our base liners.

This week enter for a chance to win our new Graves PX short + new Torch 5" baseliner, contest ends August 24. To enter, let us know, which other products would you like to see from PATH projects in the future? Any specific features, color ways, etc, we'd love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below.



  • Thicker Tops for Canadian Late Fall/early spring running

    Kevin McFaul
  • Would love to see PP come out with a solid running pant!

    Alex Stimpfl
  • A winter weight for the Pyrenees that has some weather protection would be incredible.

  • Loving the shorts… a women’s line would be awesome!


  • Graves PX short in a dark navy would be nice, and maybe a maroon Muir cap. Also, I know shoe preferences are very individual, but decent color ways that aren’t too loud are sometimes difficult to find. Maybe a collab with a smaller brand?

  • Just sending out my order now! Can’t wait to get more since my girlfriend likes the tops so much!

    Brad Ball
  • A lightweight waterproof shell or a running jacket would be a great addition to the lineup!

  • A winter weather short or long pants for midwestern winters

    Gio Salazar
  • Rain jacket

    Steve Martin
  • I’d love to see real running compression shorts. Not the fake compression a lot of companies pass off as compression. Also, I love my Muir cap but as someone who sweats buckets, I can’t use it on really hot days. So some kind of really breathable trucker hat that looks good too.

    Brent Stanley
  • I’d love to see a good pair of running pants or tights. I love your Path shorts but when I run in temperatures near or below zero it would be great to have something a bit longer!

  • I’d be stoked to see some women-specific shirts and shorts! The material you guys have designed is on point, and I’m hoping to see some ladies merch soon!

  • I don’t know if I would change anything with your shorts or baseliners. Maybe some winter running gear. I live in Colorado and it can get cold and snowy during the winter months.

  • A running tank that’s different than the muscle tanks that the current ones!

  • Would like to see some woman’s gear – would have purchased for family already if available. I like the choice of some bright colors because I often run or ride roads to trailheads.

    Hugh Share
  • I am from distant Russia, but I live and run in warm Thailand. I know that I can’t win the competition because I don’t live in America, but it would be nice to see a small loop on the back of your t-shirts (or side) to hang the product carefully after washing.

    Small loop
  • Don’t really want to mess with a good—great—product. How about some laser etching holes for cooling in the shorts? How about a little longer side split/vent? New colors? Call me a fashion savant, but I would like to see a darker gray pair. Hey, what about socks? I would love to see a pair with the Path Projects logo.

  • Some forest green would be awesome.

  • I’d love to see a great pair of marathoning shorts. 3"-4" inseam, maybe split leg. Keep the key pocket and rear zip pocket, but with two stretch/mesh pockets on each hip that are large enough to hold two gels – preferably sized to hold the larger SIS or Maurten gels. No zipper on these pockets, as there shouldn’t be a need for that amount of security on the roads and the current zipper sizes are too small to easily get those gels out of the pockets at marathon pace – especially if it’s really cold out and you’re wearing gloves.

  • Really useful that the back pocket is able to accommodate larger phones. Would like to see stretch mesh pockets on the shorts. Would also prefer to see more colors available, particularly something like a Carolina or Steel Blue.

  • The Graves shorts are by far my favorite running shorts. I have two pair. Two possible things to make them better, I still get chafage where the tag should be even though it is not. Not sure what could be done. Second make the ring around the string tie stronger as mine are unraveling.

  • Key pocket that not only zips, but has a key tie inside the zipped pocket. I live in fear of losing my key on a mountain.

  • Would love a short with a wider leg opening! My 7” shorts look like compression shorts!

    Pyrenees with a right handed watch slot

    Chris Marais
  • Rockies 3/4 in more color combinations. Grey/blue. White/blue. Green/black. White/black.

  • Crop tops and daisy duke cut shorts in neon colors please! Just kidding – keep the low key, high quality fabrics coming…even lighter weight and more breathable be mo’ betta. Thanks PATH!

    Jonathan Mays
  • Cheaper shipping to Canada!

    Long sleeved merino shirts for winter running.

  • Lightweight packable waterproof jacket.

    Gary Lampman
  • I’d love to see the liners fit more like briefs.

    Chris J
  • Lightweight and waterproof jacket!

  • A packable and breathable, superlight waterproof would be a great addition to a stylish understated range. Some stiff competition out there but weight and hydrostatic head of La Sportiva Odyssey is the benchmark. Then there is always a hydration/fuel/equipment pack for long days out…

  • a tank with thin shoulder straps

    Matthew DiNatale
  • I’m sure you guys had a good reason to get rid of the old Graves fabric, plus I have two of the PX versions! Love all of them. More colors is hard because not everyone wants incredibly loud things. Path seems to stay closer to the low key side both with logo and colors. That is the next step though to really add to your customer base. Good luck!

  • Would love to see some tall/slim fit tops, running hats for larger hats and some cold weather gear for us in the great white north

    Clinton Buhler
  • Would like to see a 5” short in Navy. And a 3” short.

    Eric Yeiser
  • Just got my first Path Projects shorts, base liner and TRN shirt. With the quality of the fabrics I’d love to see some winter outerwear, singlets for summer and some socks with similar tech to the rest of the product line. Well done Path!

    Doug R.
  • Bright colors like lime green, pink and orange or red

    Linc Kendall
  • Fun colorways!

  • Winter tights or liners would be awesome for the Midwesterners among us

    Jordan K
  • I would like to see more hats

  • I’d love to see a singlet and more 3" base liners.

  • Would love to see some full length liners for the winter!

  • I would love to see the Muir cap or Cascade T-shirt in some more colors. I’d really like to try a path singlet too!

    Matthew S.
  • I’d love to see some more collaborations with Billy or a type of quarter zip.

    Ryan Brown
  • I’ve been trying to find the perfect winter running pants. Plenty of okay options, but I think Path Projects could make another better than the rest product here!

    Nathan Pitt
  • I’d love to see a really basic one-pocket short for maybe $35. I’m excited to try the combo but the price of entry is steep when I already have plenty of shorts with liners, and no particular problems with them.

    Brian Hazard
  • More color schemes!

    Yi-Lei Chow
  • I’d like to see Path running/warmup pants. Mid-weight for early spring or late fall running and for wearing pre and post run. Long zipper for easy on and off over shoes.

    Brian R.
  • I would love to see a good singlet.

    Mark Andrews
  • Cool product joining the portfolio! Maybe branch out into singlets, socks, or women’s clothing?

  • I really like the Brim shorts and would love to see a few more casual items like that.


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