Introducing the Torch FX Base Liners

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Flowthru FX material details

The new Torch FX base liners are the heat management specialist in a 5'' inseam (3'' inseam available August 24). Developed to perform from mild heat to the highest temperatures of summer. Our Flowthru FX fabric provides unmatched ventilation while it wicks away moisture and protects you from chaffing. So soft and comfortable you can wear them for any sport or activity.



Torch FX base liner in black

• Climate = moderate to hot
• Compression = mid level
• Flowthru FX 79% polyester / 21% spandex punch hole knit high performance mesh.

flowthru icons

• Tripure elastic waistband. Anti-microbial, durable, quick dry, temperature regulating
• Engineered panels with less seams and a better fit
• Non functional fly means less fabric bulk up front
• Comfort front pouch to keep things in place
• Soft touch stitching for chafe free wear
• 5'' inseam for mid thigh coverage
• Small reflective logo at lower left side
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Weight: 3.4 oz / 96 g

path projects component layering

All our shorts are designed on the component layering system. They do not have liners. For the best running experience, pair with one of our base liners.

This week enter for a chance to win our new Graves PX short + new Torch 5'' baseliner, contest ends August 24. To enter, let us know, which other products would you like to see from PATH projects in the future? Any specific features, color ways, etc, we'd love to hear it! Let us know in the comments below.



  • Texas flag split shorts :)

    Jason Ormand
  • I want some fancy pants!

    Dale Benjamin
  • I would definitely be interested in jackets and pants for cooler weather.

  • What about some leggings? Either liner-style or full-on outer layer. I also can never say no to fun socks.

  • Some more earth tone colors – blue, sage, brown.

    Marc Reynolds
  • Full sleeve graphic shirt. Feels like there is a gap between the 3/4 and the hooded.

  • A lightweight packable rain jacket would be awesome! And toe socks!

  • Rain jacket would be amazing! And running pants for cold weather!

    Joshua LaBure
  • How about a wind and waterproof jacket?

    Emil Hum
  • Would love to see a liner with a built in leg pocket for phone.

    Would love to see a slightly slimmer/tapered fit in the shorts.

    A minimalist running vest made from liner fabric could be incredible.

    Liam Lonsdale
  • Split Shorts! Split Shorts! Split Shorts!

  • Would love to see some colors – shorts specifically!

    Also, how bout some socks and/compression sleeves.

    Stu Wann
  • Would love to see some colors – shorts specifically!

    Also, how bout some socks and/compression sleeves.

    Stu Wann
  • A slightly bigger trucker hat would be amazing! I have the big bend but it’s on the snug side and I haven’t been able to enjoy wearing it much.

  • How’s about some 3/4 length knickers/tights, y’all?!

    Brian Fuller
  • More logo’ed stuff and bright colors!

  • You guys have all neutral colors, which I personally like, but there are a lot of free spirit runners out there who like to express themselves with vibrant colors

    Joel McCauley
  • Winter is coming. How about some cold weather running kit, with some high-viz safety features, pockets for phone, keys, etc… Tights and long sleeve tops.

    And guys, if you can come up with a long sleeve top that solves the dreaded nipple chaffing that long runs on cold days tend to bring, well, you’ll make bank.

  • I’ve heard nothing but great things about your products. If love a hat that came in a L/XL size for those of us with larger melons.

    Rod Kump
  • Maroon shirts, arm sleeves, and a flat billed trucker hat!

  • I would like to see the hat that Nate wears in his The Run Experience videos to be available!!!

    Dan Blackmon
  • Would love to see pockets on the liners and perhaps a wider waistband on the shorts.

    Also more colors for the Sykes shorts, would be awesome to rock multiple pairs that don’t look all the same

    Hector Villagran
  • Love all the products! I’d like to see the Madre Sleeveless in more color varieties.

  • More casual logo tees. Like a pocket tee or something with a logo on the chest big logo on the back. And stickers! Would love one for my car and hydro flask.

    Gunnar Barrera
  • More color variety in shirts. Since you have a ‘casual’ pair of shirts, maybe some after run graphic tees that showcase the outdoors.

    Ryan elms
  • Electric blue anything. I don’t own anything by PP vutninhope to soon !

    Jonathan Mireles
  • Burgundy anything and everything.

  • Socks

  • I would love to see some BRIGHT color tees added.. so much safer for road runners. Bright blue, orange, neon to name a few. How about tanks? So many style of cut options to choose for tanks.. would like to see what you come up with.

    Jacob Fetterolf
  • Cold-weather base layer for those of us with cold winter’s. Also, a female-specific line so my wife can get her own instead of trying to use mine… :)

    Greg Smith
  • Muted orange shirts, and some (slightly)brighter blues for shirts. Just got my first pair of Graves PX shorts and I love them, leaving on my first run with them now!

  • Cold weather pants! And graphic T’s with the arrow logo.

    Gio DiDomenico
  • How about a base layer shirt?

  • How about a base layer shirt?

  • Powder blue options for tops. V-neck tops for casual wear would be cool too.

  • Make a base liner for women.

    Thea Boyle
  • Patiently awaiting the arrival of your women’s line.

  • I’d love to see some bright colors, also fun small flower prints could be really fun- think skateboard art… and how about making pockets that drain Sumer fast for those full immersion events.

    Andrew Eisen
  • I’d love to see a more traditional long sleeve shirt option with full sleeves but no hood and perhaps either some (tapered) pants or tights for the colder months. Keep up the good work!

    Tom Ohlman
  • I love your products and I hope in the future we can see shorts with lots of storage that are shorter. Maybe 3" or 2" shorts?

    D'angelo Shaker
  • Maybe some heavier stuff for the winter time runs! You guys have some great gear. Keep it up!!

    Gary Lampman
  • Socks! Low, mid, high, whatever. That’s the missing link in my full Path Projects running gear.

  • If you guys made the Brim FT shorts as more of a casual pant that didn’t have the elastic in the back (makes them kind of bunch up and bubble out in the back which is a little weird for normal use) I think they would sell like hot cakes because they are ULTRA comfortable, are an awesome material, and have a great cut! If you want to make them and let me try them for free I’ll give you my feedback, haha ;-) Cheers!

  • A tapered running pant, for sure, and maybe longer shorts. I bought a pair of the 9" but they are still very much above my knee and snug. Perhaps a body type thing, but I would not wear those shorts casually.

    Michael Potter
  • Like the idea of a variety of colors. But take what we can get. Major running brands are not producing stuff like this

    Brian T Wandzilak
  • I would love to see some sort of arm warmers! I tend to chafe in the upper bicep area with most, but the quality of your product seems an obvious fit. Simple to manufacture and it would be great to see some creative design work. :)


    Jade Carter
  • Like the base liners…they keep my boys from getting to jangly on those long/hot summer runs

    Adam Johnson
  • Hubby keeps requesting a high level compression liner, like “what swimmers wear” from Path projects and I have to keep disappointing him with my answer “they don’t sell those” ;)

  • I think it’s time for Path to start embracing colors. Maybe tip your toes into heathered (to keep it relaxed) blues and greens? Good stuff guys!

    David Thesell
  • Would love to see some heavier weight shirts for cooler weather running (live in Maine so more cool than heat) and some brighter colors in shirts and hats. Thanks!


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