Our model

100% direct without the retail mark up

We’re on the web, not in the shopping mall. That financial model allows us to turn the dynamics in your favor. We’re able to double what we spend on cutting-edge technical fabrics and design features yet deliver that superior level of quality at a wholesale price tag.

There are zero retail markups.

A product without a single cut

We have the freedom to be obsessive about fabrics, unique design features and thoughtful detailing. We’re not subject to any “cost of production” algorithm that says we have to compromise or stop short of perfection. The design brief is always the same: innovate without restrictions.

We live to run run run and run

We’re either running or thinking about our next run. It’s who we are and what we do. So everything we design and build is inspired by the exhilaration and peace of mind that running brings us all. That’s our singular focus. We want you to own the finest performance apparel you’ve ever worn. Go farther, in greater comfort and yes, higher style.

You're a source of continual inspiration

We have plenty of experience in product R&D and we test like crazy. That doesn’t mean that we don’t miss a trick or that designs can’t be improved. Our goal is a running feedback loop that helps keep the innovations coming. In short, you’re our eyes, ears and legs.

An alternative to

We’re here to design with craft, passion and ingenuity. We follow our own distinct path and skip the giant product logos and paid athlete endorsements. The focus is on innovation, blowing minds and bringing you exceptional high-performance running gear.

A minimal carbon footprint

We live outdoors, on the roads and trails that take us to so many beautiful places. Nature is our best mentor. Because we’re only on the web, we can avoid hangtags and non-functional trim. We ship with as little packing material as possible. Reuse and recycle is always a top priority. We share our warehouse with several other brands so we shrink the footprint.