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Liam Lonsdale running

I grew up charging around the West Pennine Moors of northern England. Often waist deep in mud, and battling with bogs, I learned to appreciate "the struggle."

In my late teens I migrated to the mountains of the Lake District and learned what it meant to move fast and free over some intense and challenging terrain.

Fast forward to my late twenties and I found myself in California. Swapping bracken for chaparral, these days I find myself pounding the trails and chasing the peaks of the Bay Area, exploring further afield when I get the opportunity.

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

I consider myself to be a soul runner. That is, I run to enrich my being. As such I have NEVER raced. I came close in 2020, I registered for a 50 mile race on a whim three days before the start. This was just as the 'Rona was starting to flex so nothing had been cancelled ... yet. 24 hours before the race, it was called off.

My running accomplishments tend to be focussed around personal experiences ... a peak, a trail, early starts, epic vistas ... I REALLY like running 'impossible' lines.

I jumped over a rock climber as they were climbing UP the line I was running down. Does that count as an accomplishment?

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

I tend not to plan too far in advance out of habit from my days as a freelance photographer. I have a couple of 'projects' in mind, but they're a secret. What can I say?!

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

Crest 5" shorts / Wildcat 3" shorts, Tahoe + Torch: these combinations are truly unbeatable. The oh-so-soft feeling of the Tahoe is like butter on the balls. I've worn them in the desert, I've worn them in the snow, they're flipping magnificent. The Torch are my go-to as soon as the temperature starts to rise. I reckon wearing the Torch is as close as one can get to to having AC exclusively for your nether regions. Zero chafe. Excellent support. Treat yourself.

SHIRTS: Pyrenees Hoody, Cascade SS: layering genius, incredibly comfortable, steezy as you like. No fuss, all the goodness.

What do you enjoy about running? 

There is nothing comparable to the meditative state that I enter when I find my pace on a trail, it clears the mind of noise, stress, everything. It cleanses. It energises. It's the good stuff.

The feeling of my own two legs taking me on adventures that many consider to be impossible, or just plain stupid ... I love that. Looking down on the world from a summit, with nothing but a pair of running shoes on your feet and the clothes on your back ... phwoar, I mean ... it's incredibly powerful.

Liam Lonsdale

Social channels you are most active on?

liamlonsdale.comStrava and Instagram.

Any running videos you'd like to share

I post plenty of videos to my instagram stories and feed, and some reviews to my youtube channel too ... maybe I should do more?

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