Jeremie Smith-Encio, Clearwater, FL - PATH projects KREW

Jeremie Smith-Encio

Been running for about 10 years and enjoy being a nomad filling different group in and near town to run with. Running is Life!

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

Completed 2 full marathons and one ultra marathon relay from Los Angeles to Las Vegas circa 2019. (The Speed Project) that was a special experience. Had never ran the California “Hills” and got to meet some very cool people!

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

Gasparilla Half Marathon and looking to get close to 1:30.

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

I love the shorts/base liner combinations because they feel so light and secure. Sometimes on the run I have to remind myself I’m actually wearing shorts! lol

What do you enjoy about running? 

Being able to get out and feel the fresh air and see the world. It’s literally a lifestyle for me now since the pandemic because it helps me release stress, fears and worries from what’s going on nowadays. I feel limitless and powerful every time I go out my door. It’s something beyond the runners high. Feels more like I’m reaching some kind of spiritual fulfillment!

Advice for runners looking to improve?

Take your time and enjoy the run. Don’t rush the process or compare yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of Joy. Everyone has to start somewhere but at least you have the opportunity to work on something that’s just for you. There may be days where you feel not up to the task of running but there will never be a day that you will say I wish I didn’t run today!

Social channels you are most active on?

Strava and Instagram.

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