Winter Running Gear

The winter weather is in full effect in many parts of the world. To stay comfortable and motivated on your runs, the lower temperatures mean dressing warmer for your runs. It’s a fine line between keeping you warm without making you overheat. 

PATH projects has developed several items specifically for those cold days on the trail or the windy city streets. Our Tahoe length base liners can be paired with one of our running shorts. The Pyrenees hooded shirt with a contour paneled hood, viewing slot for GPS watch and pull out hand protection, is a great addition to your cold weather running gear and your daily wardrobe.

the best winter running gear



  • Definitely a whole set of shorts. Cheers

  • I’d take the full kit if I could, long baselayer, shorts and hoodie. Currently waiting on my first order to come on Thursday!

    Jon Mireles
  • I’d buy that hoodie. Would be great for runs but also just looks great!

  • Sykes px, Pyrenees hoodie

    Ryan Brown
  • Shorts, shorts, more shorts, and one hat.

  • Need that hoodie. New England winter ain’t done yet.

    Rohan Simkin
  • 5” shorts all day! It’s never cold enough where I live to wear anything but.

  • As much as the full length base liner would come in handy a few times out of the year for me in TN, I think I would go with the Pyrenees hooded shirt.

    Joel S McCauley
  • The liners for sure can never have to many of those running here in a Canada

    Tyler Lewis
  • The Pyrenese hoody and Sykes shorts!

  • The Sykes PX shorts and the Pyrenees also hooded shirt are perfect cold weather gear for training here in Idaho

    John Lauer
  • Long Sleeve Hoody T-Shirt.. a must for SF Runners.

    Armando Torres
  • I need another hoodie ASAP. I love the one I have so much for running that I want another for wearing in the freezing gym as a PE teacher.

  • This hoodie looks perfect for spring running. The watch hole must be the most perfect and simple solution to a problem experienced by every runner in the wintertime. Shows that actual runners are designing these garments. Keep up the innovation!

  • Would love the Pyrenees hoodie and full length liners!

    Jon Kawashima
  • I would get a nice running jacket! I don’t have great outer layers for exercising in the cold, so a jacket like this would totally be amazing!

  • Definitely the Pyrenees hoodie!

    Tim McCleskey
  • Hey!
    I would love either the shorts or the shirt. The shorts would get the most use, and who can really own too many running shorts. The shirt would be great for pre and post-running to maintain body heat.

    Owen Jones
  • I would buy the Sykes PX 5” shorts and another muir hat! Love your products so much!

    Mike Desmond
  • I need a Pyrenees hoodie!! Some shorts would be great too!

    Tysen clements
  • The Pyrenees hoodie and full length base layer for running in the snowy Michigan winter

    Tim Gunnett
  • I would love the Pyrenees shirt. I live in central NY so I know a thing or two about cold weather running. I love how it has the hood and the watch hole is ingenious. I hate checking my watch in the winter pulling up my jacket or long sleeve. That is so cool!

  • Def Pyrenees hoody and some sweet Sykes shorts! Thanks

    Ron Anderson
  • Definitely the Pyrenees hoodie, Sykes shorts, probably a 3 in base layer I live were it never really gets too cold.

    Nate swift
  • The Mauna of Hawaii Island gets supaaaaa cold, so the Shasta and Pyrenees would make me the happiest of runners!!!!

    André Nguyen
  • Pyrenees shirt for sure!

  • Pyrenes Hoodie- favorite piece of apparel ever! Run in it, beers in it, everything in it!!

    Aric Manning
  • Def want to try out the pyrenees and either a big horn or one of the 3/4 raglans

  • Definitely would pick up a pair of Sykes 5 inch shorts for race season coming up and the Pyrenees long sleeve to finish up training this winter!

    Brett Westover
  • Definitely would pick up a pair of Sykes 5 inch shorts for race season coming up and the Pyrenees long sleeve to finish up training this winter!

    Brett Westover
  • Definitely wanna try the Pyrenees

  • Being in austin I don’t have much use for full length liners but the Pyrenees would get a LOT of use! Especially with the watch window.

    Mike lewis
  • The Shasta’s are intriguing! Anything to battle the lake-effect elements in Western New York!

  • Definitely the Pyrenees shirt. It seems like just the right layer for running in the warm winters we have here in Maine. Everything else seems to make me overheat

  • I live in South Georgia, just give me a Tahoe Liner and a pair of Graves and I’m good to go!

  • Base layers! Long and short.

  • That super-soft, super sweet looking Pyrenees hooded shirt!

    J H
  • Hard to choose but I’d opt for the Pyrenees T27 hooded shirt, the ability to see your watch without having to pull up my sleeve is an added bonus but being able to keep warm and comfortable in the Victorian winter is an absolute must here in Australia, the wind chill can be horiffic!

    Tez Kemp
  • I’d definitely choose the hoodie and a full length baseliner to pair with my already awesome Path Project shorts I plan to wear to Leadville this summer. I love the watch function of the hoodie and the baseliner will keep me out in the frigid winter training on lake Michigan’s southern shores!

    Andrew Knies
  • If I won this giveaway I’d try the Sykes 5" shorts and a base liner, mostly because I’m not convinced about the benefit of buying component parts when shorts with liners have always worked out fine for me.

  • I would post a photo on the Strava Path Projects group with a cold day in Dallas rocking the Pyrenees + Sykes! whether i win this card or not, i’ll be placing another PP order soon!

    John Karry
  • Around these parts it was -2 on Thursday, today it is going to be 50. I need clothing that ranges just like the weather and my running whims. Your Pyrennes Hoody would be first on my list. Then a compression base layer to go under my half tights or full length tights and we are good to go. Love your stuff. . .

    Brian T Wandzilak
  • The Shasta HX base layer and Pyrenees hoodie would be the perfect cold weather addition to my fleet! I have the Sykes PX shorts and absolutely love them!

    Clinton Buhler
  • Love to do my first 50k trail race in “ The Sykes PX 5 shorts “ 🏃🏻‍♂️👍🙂. Thanks

    Michael Sloan
  • Love to do my first 50k trail race in “ The Sykes PX 5 shorts “ 🏃🏻‍♂️👍🙂. Thanks

    Michael Sloan
  • I would pick the hooded shirt first. This would be a great shirt for a cold run but I think it would even be great after a run when getting a bite to eat. It can have multiple purposes which I like!

    Mark S
  • Sykes PX 5" Short all the way!!! ITS SO COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE. MY KIND OF SHORTS!!!

    Benji Ng
  • My husband is OBSESSED with the Tahoe 3" Baseliner and could realllllly use another pair to not keep wearing the same ones!!! He is training for Leadville 100 run so these will get worn for plenty of miles! Please please please! THANK YOU!!!!

    Kelly Daly
  • I love the hooded shirt

    Erwin Toni Soekianto
  • I would get a Pyrenees hooded – am in need of a new LS. And some Tahoe base liners for ultra training.

    Carl Franzon

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