Winter Running Gear

The winter weather is in full effect in many parts of the world. To stay comfortable and motivated on your runs, the lower temperatures mean dressing warmer for your runs. It’s a fine line between keeping you warm without making you overheat. 

PATH projects has developed several items specifically for those cold days on the trail or the windy city streets. Our Tahoe length base liners can be paired with one of our running shorts. The Pyrenees hooded shirt with a contour paneled hood, viewing slot for GPS watch and pull out hand protection, is a great addition to your cold weather running gear and your daily wardrobe.

the best winter running gear



  • That Pyrenees hoodie sure would be nice on these cold Montana winter runs.

    Paul N
  • I used to steal my husbands shorts from your company while I was pregnant CONSTANTLY. They are so comfy! I’d probably go with those leggings. They look pretty “tight” as well!

  • Definitely the Pyrenees shirt

  • I was planning on becoming a customer as soon as the GRAVES PX 7" SHORT – JET BLACK in size large was restocked, but after seeing this on the blog, I guess I will have to wait a little bit in the off chance that I get the gift card! If I were to be selected, I would buy the previously mentioned GRAVES PX 7" SHORT, the SHASTA HX FULL LENGTH BASE LINER, the TAHOE CL 5" BASE LINER – BLACK, and then a MUIR CAP – BLACK! I want to be well-equipped as I start getting into running!

    Tommy M.
  • SHASTA HX FULL LENGTH BASE LINER and the PYRENEES MX LS HOODED SHIRT – BLACK (MID WEIGHT) would enhance my early morning winter run and the GRAVES PX 7" SHORT – OLIVE GREY would come in handy for the indecisive weather here in Baltimore.

    Visharad Moktan
  • The Pyranees T27 Hoodie, and two pairs of SHASTA HX 8" BASE LINER, for starters……………. ;-) Oh yeah, and a MUIR CAP, for sure!

  • I’m entering this for my husband, because true love is always getting him quality Path projects apparel. 😍 If I won, he would probably most like to grab the Pyrenees hooded shirt.

  • The new winter gear may be a little to warm for wear in Australia but if I was to the run with Path Projects I’d go with the 5" sykes shorts, torch base liner briefs and a Muir cap – no top needed – it’s the Floris way 😆

  • I’d get the Sykes PX 5" Short paired with the Tahoe CL 8" Base Liner and a Shasta HX 8" Base Liner for cooler runs. Great stuff!

    Scott Y.
  • Here in NC, we’re already gearing up for Spring, so the Shasta liners might be a little too warm (as they were designed to be!). With $100 to Path Projects, I would go with:
    - Graves PX 7"
    - Torch FX 3"
    - Madre Sleevelss

    Might have to buy a Cascade T and a Big Bend Trucker for good measure.

    Ryan Page
  • I’ve only run in Spain a few times and it was cool in December along the coast. Not a run in the Pyrenees proper but anything called a Pyrenees shirt would be top of my list. That said, I’d use the tights for mountain runs and night rides in the Arizona winter.

    Ron S
  • I’d selfishly love them all! That said, the hoodie is first, followed by the shorts and then the baseliner. Keep on making such great products – you’re simply the best!

    Iain Jones
  • I would love the Shasta full length liners and the Pyrenees hooded shirt!

    Christopher T. Headrick
  • I would pick the Shasta HX full length base liners in black and the Pyrenees T27

  • The Pyrenees Hoodie looks awesome! I already have several pairs of shorts and liners – love them!

  • I would for the SHASTA HX FULL LENGTH BASE LINER first and then the Pyrenees T27 LS Hooded Shirt next! Then I’d shop the site for more!

  • Long liner, pair of shorts, Henley

    Khristopher Nguyen
  • Pyrenees long sleeve shirt

    Chris larson
  • I’d get the new shorts when available with some liners and a logo t!

    David S
  • I need another pair of shorts; not sure which one yet!

    Mike B
  • The Pyrenees Hooded Shirt!

  • Its already warm in norcal but a little chilly in the mornings so the sykes 5in short and pyrenees hooded shirt would prob make a perfect combo.

    Chris Bender
  • My legs are very interested in those leggings but my runners watch is excited about a sweatshirt that lets the watch face shine through!

  • The Shasta full length tights and the Pyrenees hoodie would be great for colder conditions.

    Jon Binnix
  • I would definitely snag a pair of the Sykes shorts for my upcoming ultras. I’d also like to try out the Pyrenees hoodie.

  • I’d for sure get me a pair of shorts probably the Sykes 7" because you can never have enough shorts.

  • I would love the Sykes 5” short.

    Clayton Lundell
  • The PYRENEES T27 LS HOODED SHIRT would be amazing here in the NEPA.

  • Pyrenees hooded shirt!!!! It’s the best!!!!

    Karleen Smith
  • Shasta pants and T27 hoodie

  • I’m in Texas and Winter is basically over. I’d definitely choose the Sykes shorts and some of your awesome short base liners.

    Sean McMillan
  • I’m from Minnesota and there’s no such thing as too many base layer options in the winter. The Shasta HX base liner would be a fantastic addition to my arsenal!

    Trey M
  • SHASTA HX FULL LENGTH BASE LINER And LS shirt probably light weight

    Steve M Martin
  • Shasta vase liner & shorts

  • I would select the Pyrenees mid weight , and the Sykes shorts. Best to avoid running in pants whenever possible.

    Steve p
  • The Pyrenees T27 and Shasta base liner for those cold Michigan mornings!

  • Pyrenees hoodie for sure but any one of them would be great!

    Kyle K
  • I love their products – the base liners make me feel like a rock star.

    Anthony Gasbarro
  • I’ve got the PP shorts. Recently had a night trail race in snow/rain and absolutely bit it and ruined some great tights. Looking for new pants/tights, those look great.

  • Hooded shirt would be great!

  • Temp is 11F, shasta hx full length tight and the pyrenees hoodie would take the chill off

    Marcus Burhanna
  • Sykes 5in short and a T27

    Drew booth
  • I would like to win

  • The Pyrenees Hooded Shirt looks amazing!

    Todd Segraves
  • GREAT! Ran the New Orleans rock and roll marathon in the shasta 8 inch base lines and Sykes 7" shorts. Felt great. Today ran I 40 degree weather with the Pyrenees hoodie, stayed warm and dry while I fell in love with the watch hole.

    Josh Hoines
  • Sykes 7" with Tahoe 5" CL liner, also because probably go with a raglan shirt because I have been liking the look of those and wanting to try it out.

  • Pyrenees T27 to go with my Sykes 5" shorts and Shasta Full Length Base liners!

    Peyton C Stone
  • The pyrenees long sleeve shirts sounds perfect! Love the hole for the watch… genius!

  • The Sykes 5” short would be perfect for the beautiful Swedish trails in the summer month’s midnight sun wile the Shasta and Pyrenees would be great for the cold dark winter months.

    Daniel Thomsson
  • Pyrenees T19 LS hooded shirt and Sykes PX 7 inch shorts. Absolutely love these shorts and would love to try out the hoody.


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