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As we are nearing the end of the year, we looked back at our favorite blog posts this year. In case you missed any of these, we thought you'd enjoy these trail safety tips, running strategies, podcast compilations and more:


  • Running hasn’t been about the race, it hasn’t been about the training, its been about the freedom. It is time to break away from the hustle and have me time.

  • I’ve found so much peace running in 2019. I haven’t been doing any serious pacing or heart rate tracking or pump up music. Just running to run and listening to the environment around me. Truly escaping and experiencing all my body is capable of. Cheers!

    Nick Makowski
  • Stop to look, listen and breathe. We are fortunate.

    Hugh Share
  • Core strength is key to running strength

    Matt Kohlstedt
  • I learned the importance of recovery and rest especially when training hard.

  • Pair competitive running with a second love in the off season!

  • Running is what YOU want it to be. Running is what YOU need it to be.

    Sarah Turnbull
  • Running with friends makes everything better: successes are celebrated more, and disappointments aren’t as low!

  • Stop and listen to the sound track of the trails. No MP3 player needed.

    Matt LeGrand
  • Make your easy days easy and your hard days hard!

  • Foam rolling EVERYDAY!!! Even on off days. As an Aging runner it’s become more important to stretch work ham to stay injury free. I fond foam rolling to be a y fo me years ago, but now I do it everyday even on off days. Difference maker for me!

    Steve Barnes
  • Injuries require time for recovery, otherwise you’re likely to get stuck in a cycle of re-injury.

  • A strong mind is as important as strong legs to be a strong runner.

  • I rediscovered the importance of base mileage.

  • This year I learned I can run everyday and still recover. You just have to pace yourself and take care of your feet.

  • After my wife having our first child and all the madness that comes with it training took a slight back seat but I learn most of all to just slow down and enjoy the ride that being during a race, training, or even in life.

    John K
  • Path makes great running clothing!

    Joe Nartker
  • Convince at least one person per year to convert to a more healthy life style and to running regularly.

    Fritz Moedinger
  • The one thing I am still learning as an runner and an athlete is to enjoy my journey as much as crossing the finish line.

    Miguel Pereira
  • I learned to try new sports to supplement my running like cycling and skiing

    Tim Gunnett
  • Like Mike Tyson said "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. " my plans for my races were not good enough and I will do better to commit to training and get the job done.

  • It’s OK to have your plan go out the window on race day.

  • I learned that there is pain in the forecast for all of us!!!!

  • My experience in 2019 led me to the conclusion that successful running or any other physical endeavor is consistency in training over time. Even after long breaks your body will readapt quickly but best to just be consistent to avoid pendulum swings in training.

    Anthony Leopper
  • I learned this year to pace myself when running 10K+ distances. Used to try to push myself hard the first 1-2 miles of any run but could never progress much. After I’ve learned to pace myself to stay in aerobic, been seeing my time drop almost every month consistently. :)

    Alfred Yates
  • In 2019 I learned to judge the success of an ultra trail race based on the experience as a whole – rather than PR or top 3 or pace per mile. The entire multi-day process in a beautiful nature setting and did I have fun? Was it something I can look back on and smile – no matter what race day conditions, speed (or lack thereof) unfolded on race day. Appreciate the journey.

    Nick Milnor
  • Training specificity made a huge difference in my trail races this year. If your race has a lot of vert, then get out and do a lot of vert !

    Ashley O’Neill
  • Training specificity made a huge difference in my trail races this year. If your race has a lot of vert, then get out and do a lot of vert !

    Ashley O’Neill
  • I learned I can run 50 miles at one time. Now I believe I can run 100 miles at one time in 2020.

    Scott Gittleson
  • I learned what it means to be trusted as leader on group rides and runs. Through this opportunity I gained a much deeper respect and admiration for those who do it year round. Trying to divide my mind to focus on my personal effort while also directing the group to make the correct turn, moderate their pace, or just chat someone up was a real challenge.

    Charlie C
  • Tenacity is it, across the long haul simply staying in the fight is what is needed to ultimately “win” and reach your goals.

    Drew Bennett
  • After Training for my 7th ultra, I realized I understand the physical elements of training, but I underestimated how seminal mental preparedness is—you have to get to that point where the physical and the mental are one.

  • Embrace the suck. It’s a reward.

    Alan Squyres
  • That a DNF isn’t THAT bad. But it sure does stick with you.

    Brian T Wandzilak
  • The biggest thing I learned in 2019 is to take time off when injured. I’ve been dealing with a groin injury for a few months now that just won’t healmsince I keep trying to run on it. Taking time off to recover/rest is a must!

  • Rest and recovery are just as important to training as any run. Without rest, your body does not have a chance to rebuild itself for training.

    Chris Fox
  • I learned that consistency is the key to overcoming the road blocks of training. Whether that be in marathon training, marriage or a job; staying consistent is vital.

    Sam Pate
  • Age is a number.

    Prescott Balch
  • You can’t outspend your savings, ie. you can only train as hard and long as you can recover from.

  • 2019 I learned you can find the most support from the people you meet on trails and at races. We are all out there to win a race not against each other but against ourselves. All them are there to motivate and keep us moving. Thank you all for this year of support on and off the trail.

    Caleb Smith
  • Patience, rest and reflection are just as important as activity for mental and physical health.

    Nate W.
  • In 2019 I learned that I am stronger and more capable than I think I am.

    Alexander Mueller
  • Coming in a little undertrained May be better than being overtrained.

    Chuck Rudd
  • It doesn’t matter what speed that you’re going, just get out there and enjoy the trails.

    Steve M Martin
  • After completing my 1st 100 mile race in 2019, I went on to complete 5 more. 2019 tought me to never underestimate yourself. All it takes is the mindset of “I will not quit”

    Chris Hines
  • 2019 taught me that I can do anything. It taught me to teach that power to kids. Getting 5th graders out running, racing, and encouraging others to be their best is what I will remember 2019 for.

    Charles Hadley
  • The importance of a tribe-it’s so nice to have kindred spirits, especially in ultra running

    Robert Pepper
  • In 2019 I learned just how mental running was. I ran my first timed race, 24 hours, and had set a goal of hitting 100k for the first time. I felt great until I passed that mark and from then on I felt all the little pains so much more. When I decided to stop at 70 miles and 22 hours that last mile with the decision made most of the pain lessened.

    So realizing that, later in the year I ended up setting my half marathon PR by going in with the mindset that I was ready to hurt and accept it. It allowed me to run at least 4 minutes faster than I expected.

    Gary Roberts
  • 2019 was the year I learned to be more accepting of life affecting running. With young(ish) kidding and a busy life, putting in an A+ training block isn’t always in the cards. But even if I’m not setting PR’s every time out, I’m getting out and moving most days which is good for the mind, body, and soul

  • The relationship between mental health and fitness level is unexpected, surprising. At my worst moments, my body tends to follow suit, but always works to help pull me out. At my best, I feel like I’m soaring.

    Eli Orland

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