Our 10 Favorite Running Posts of 2019 + Enter to Win!

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As we are nearing the end of the year, we looked back at our favorite blog posts this year. In case you missed any of these, we thought you'd enjoy these trail safety tips, running strategies, podcast compilations and more:


  • Sometime life gets in the way of a training plan, and that is ok. The overall course is much more important that the day to day steps.

    Justin Reid
  • You can’t skimp on body maintenance. If you love rubbing, make sure you’re doing all the things that make rubbing possible: stretching, strength training, etc.

  • It’s okay to run your easy runs easy. It’s not a competition. Allow yourself to recover and run a comfortable pace

  • Being too draconian with my running plan saps my enjoyment of the sport.

    Luke Steele
  • In 2019 I learned that I can endure pain for a very long time and at the same time learned that doing so isn’t always the best choice…. Sprained my ankle 22 kilometers into a 50K and only lost three places through to the finish to end 6th overall. The down side was that I had take 4 months off running… DNFing would’ve been the smarter choice.

    James Blattler
  • I just switched over to plant based eating and after the first week I feel great and am not event craving meat, dairy, etc. I wish I would have tried this a long time ago. My work capacity in the gym has increased noticeably in just this first week.

  • Take the situation — training cycle, race, even the mile — as it comes. Forcing the situation is just stressful and probably less successful.

  • I can go way farther than I thought I could, but it still takes preparation. Running has become my church, my therapist and my escape.

    Ron Anderson
  • Authenticity; the importance of doing things my way. No athlete is exactly the same. What works for one individual might not be the answer for someone else. In 2019, I’ve learned how to look around and appreciate the diverse group that athletes are. I learned so much from everyone I’ve met; it’s been a gift this year.

    Amy Thackeray
  • There no such thing as too much cardio.
    Personal enjoyment is the first priority.

    Tristan D Catalano
  • Learned to let my body dictate what we were going to do on a specific run/day/week and not be ruled by a training plan.

  • My body works well as a fat adapted runner.

    Joel McCauley
  • Dont skimp on shorts! I felt like I had gonorrhea during a 100, the liner burned so bad.

    David Soukup
  • Even if you are in the best shape physically you need to also be in the best place mentally to run your best

    Chad B
  • Running barefoot builds feet muscle!

  • Run faster by running slow.

    When I started running in 2018, every run was like a threshold/tempo run. In 2019, I did most of my miles really slow after learning about aerobic-base / lifetime miles, and then seeing results in races. I’d hit paces I never thought I could achieve for a 5K/10K/Half Marathon duration. I’m sure that will level off at some point, but I’ve got a lot more aerobic fitness to build up yet.

    Terrence Huey
  • Consistency is more important than hitting mileage goals ✌️

    Brandon Root
  • I learned that 45 isn’t to late to start running, lose 40 pounds, and learn some important things about who you are. I learned i can do difficult things I never thought possible. O.K. that’s several things but it would be difficult to single out one thing running has brought into my life.

    Jason Boer
  • Some of my best runs are the ones when I don’t bring headphones.

  • Foam rolling saves lives!

    Apryl Tolstoy
  • Nutrition can take my running to the next level!

    Collin Bell
  • Each PR has a long list of small gains leading to it.

  • even if you only have 30 minutes, get outside

  • That despite injury and bad weather, sometimes the body will push through for a PR in another race!

    Colleen Smith
  • Runnning is living!! ❤️❤️

    Paul Trew
  • I learned that while I am not the athlete I used to be, I can still push myself to the edge and find where my limits are. Marathon training this year without a lot of structure reinvigorated my love for the sport.

  • I learned that I don’t need crazy weekly mileage to accomplish a 50-miler! Last year I almost burnt myself out putting in lots of longer runs during the week and then two huge runs on many weekends. Then my race was canceled anyway. This year in preparation for the same race I used a lighter plan and had a better fitness perception (if that’s a thing), as well as a better attitude and didn’t have to skip out on family time as much. I go to the race and realized I had written a winning formula to get to the race as ready as I could be!

  • Our limits are in our minds, not a number representing distance. While running Bigfoot 40 this year I felt great at 26.2 and great at 50k. Had the race been either of those distances my mind would have told me I was at my limit when I approached those numbers. We are capable of more than we think.

    Rodger Funk
  • To stay patient and just relax and smile when you run :D

    James Rolls
  • Creating and putting myself in uncomfortable situation allow me the opportunity to grow as a Runner!! In 2020, let’s create more uncomfortable experiences for growth.

    Henry Wong
  • Even if I was temporarily incapacitated (due to health issues) in 2019, I need to keep imagining and looking forward to returning to a more athletic lifestyle in the New Year. Here’s to 2020 and enjoying the outdoors!!!

    Kay Hettich
  • Being fit in training doesn’t always equal the results you want in competition.

  • consistency beats intensity in the long run

    Ryan Brown
  • I learned how to slow down and all it took was a hip labral tear! In all seriousness, this injury forced me to slow down once I was able to run again and I realized that I had been running much faster than I should have been at all of my paces. 2019 was all about letting go a little bit more of my ego and allowing myself to run more slowly than I initially wanted to. I was able to close out 2019 as an ultra marathoner – I ran my first ultra on Dec. 15th!

    Rocio Villalobos
  • Patience and persistence pays off when you stay healthy. Trusting the process to get you to your goals instead of forcing something to maybe happen risking injury. Be smart.

  • After being coached for over 2 years, I finally figured out how to run a recovery run.

    Henry Bickerstaff
  • I learned the importance of being prepared for weather and to never stop eating or drinking at the 50 mile point, just cause you don’t feel like it, during a 210 mile race. Although I believe it was actually 220 miles. Also never run out of battery power!

    D'angelo Malcolm Shakur
  • I learned in 2019 that I can make time to workout and run and still have a family life in my persuit of a 100 mile race. Not only is it working out but I took a chance on Path clothing and have found the fit, function and durability I need. Initially I had doubts based on the amount of sweat I was pouring into each item but after a while the clothes became seamless and never chaffed, never salted, and always flexed in the areas I needed. Thank you Path for understanding what us athletes need and always improving. 2019 – an awesome year, 2020 – bring it on

  • I had a DNF in a cross-country race because I just wasn’t in it mentally, but a friend’s joyous outlook in running inspired me to come back strong the next race, and just have fun and enjoy being out there giving it my all. In the words of The Moody Blues, “It’s easier to try than to prove it can’t be done.”

    Joe D.
  • Importance of recovery… and consistency is king!

    Brian H
  • Proper sleep and recovery are the key to getting results from training.

    Matt G
  • I learned that what makes running, and all other sports and activities so great, are the people you do them with and the new ones you meet along the way.

    Len W
  • I learned that layering is key for cold weather running! First year in a cold climate and it has been quite the adjustment

    Brian glynn
  • I learned the importance of listening to my body and that not all injuries can be run through. Stopping running is difficult, but sometimes necessary, to heal properly.

  • I’ve learned to listen to your body with respect to injury. Don’t overdo it.

    Travis D
  • Sometimes pushing through isn’t always the right move. But occasionally it is.

  • I learned this year to just have fun at races. I don’t always have to worry about what my time is going to be. Getting into Ultra Marathons taught me to just have fun and enjoy the experience.

    Evan Rich
  • I learned the importance of a recovery run regimen.

    Mike Gammill
  • Be consistent in my training, and have fun. I learned to find enjoyment in my workouts and to enjoy the scenery while out on a run or biking.

  • I learned about patience. I learned the value of putting in the time, work and consistency in order to meet your goals and advance to the next level. I trained for and ran my first ultra and placed first in my AG at a fairly competitive trail race this year. I couldn’t have done either of these with my old way of always going hard with little room for recovery. Learning to be patient with my training, my pace and my body was me key.


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