Back in Stock! The Cascade T-shirt

black Cascade T-Shirt

The Tencel blend fabric provides unmatched performance and feel.



★ ★ ★ ★ 

“Whether running or just everyday wear, this is my favorite shirt in my closet hands down. Most comfortable shirt I own.” - Ryan S. (customer)

cascade t in all our colors

The Tencelite 19 fabric is what sets this shirt apart from the pack. It wicks away moisture, is quick dry and has natural anti-odor protection.

tencelite 19 fabric

This technical garment checks boxes for comfort, softer fabric and carefully tuned thermoregulation. The soft natural hand and modern cut makes it perfect for extreme runs, grueling work outs or daily chill. Made in the USA.

Tencel is made from Eucalyptus wood pulp

This fabric mix scores high on breathability and lightweight design. The TENCEL blend amplifies the moisture wicking skills and odor resistance. TENCEL is a traceable and sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus wood pulp. That gives you a softer feel against the skin and a gentler effect on the planet. Non-toxic chemicals and solvents are used when creating the fabric. Think premium pima cotton alloyed with a high-performance synthetic.

cascade tshirt swatches

The Cascade t-shirts are available in 5 colors:
Heather Grey, Black, Olive Grey, Heather Navy & White

 ★ ★ ★ ★ 

“Usually I pay around $70 for a tee of this quality, especially with the tencel blend on the fabric. Great fit too!” - Josh S. (customer)

“So comfortable and functional its almost like your running naked.” - Gary (customer)

“Looks great out on the trail, roads, or as an everyday piece of attire.” - Christopher C. (customer)

Tencelite 19 Technology

Cascade features and technology

The Tencelite 19 fabric is featured in

cascade tshirt in heather greyMadre tshirt in white

Rockies TPyrenees T19


running shirt enter to win

Comment to enter: for which activities would you wear you Cascade shirts if you win this contest? Let us know in the comments below! Get a bonus entry for following @pathprojects on Instagram. Contest ends Wednesday July 25 at 11:59pm. Terms and conditions.  



  • Mostly running.. and working.. and eating…and playing with the dogs…and playing with the grandkids… and no running.. and thinking about running.

    OK, I’d just wear them a lot when doing a lot of things.

  • I would use them for running and at the gym! Probably everywhere else too!

  • I would wear them for multiple occasions. Work: as a cop I need a good quality shirt under my bullet proof best because it gets HOT! Exercise: I would wear them during my training and my race! (Running Leadville 100). Casually: I would wear them out for a night in the NYC or when my wife and I travel, to as many different countries as possible!

    Christian M
  • Trail hiking for me and son would sport one while mountain biking.

    Cheryl L Davis
  • Post work summer trail runs!

  • Post work summer trail runs!

    Jake M
  • Wearing my shirt on the PCT, burning up the miles from Mexico to Canada. Hike on!

  • Running every weekday would be easier! I’d wear to work so I’m ready to hit the trails/road immediately after I’m off!

    Gunnar Barrera
  • I would sport one for the Kanawha Trace 10K in Ona, West Virginia in two weeks. Have you run in West Virginia in August? Whew!

    Jenna H
  • These would be my go to run short on all my 5k/Half runs in Tampa this summer!!!

    Ryan Settle
  • I see myself throwing these shirts on and smashing some GA trail runs/rides or cruising around town running with stroller and pup, waving to everyone as we pass them! Now go get after it!

    John Kemp
  • I would love wearing this shirt, running in the trails of Massachusetts, but also when eating dinner after the run! Not to mention the before run breakfast!

  • I just moved to Yangon, Myanmar and I need something to beat this humidity on my runs!

    David Evans
  • Would certainly wear them for AC 100 and the after party!

    Kevin Meyer
  • I love these shirts for my trail runs and especially in the summer heat. The stretch and give in the fabric makes them super comfortable and they don’t hold odors like other shirts do! They look and feel amazing. Just wish I had a few more of them to get me through my heavy training weeks!

    Larry Carrico
  • In October I will be running my first ultra marathon, the Surf Coast Century. As a Tasmanian, I will struggle with the heat on mainland Australia and would love to have one of these shirts to keep me comfortable.
    Chris Edie
  • I would love wearing these shirts, running the cascade Crest 100, as they are aply named and super comfortable.

    Dan Salem
  • I do a lot of running, so that would be my primary use. But I also think they would be great for casual use…

    Kim Munk
  • Would love to give these shirts a try ! They look very comfortable!

    Dave Axberg
  • These will be good for just about anything. Ordering a few for running.

    Greg M
  • I would wear them for everything. Hiking, running, work around the house and of course running around with the kids.

  • Straight from work/school to running on the trail or the beach!

    Ryan P.
  • I do a lot of running so that would be my priority use. But I also think they would be great for casual use…

  • The Cascade shirt sounds perfect for my upcoming run at the Cascade Crest 100. I just ran the Vermont 100 in the Madre sleeveless, and that Tencelite fabric kept me cool during the weekend heatwave. I’m hooked!

    Jason C
  • My first guess is my husband will wear these to run in, my second guess is he will wear them all week for whatever he’s doing, they sound super comfy!

    Vicki Trees
  • Probably wear them while making the kids breakfast, cleaning up breakfast, prepping lunch, cleaning up after lunch, on bike rides to the park, while sitting thru swim meets in the sun or coaching soccer on summer days. I might even wear them if I manage to make it out the door to train for my first 100 in Sept (Headlands Hundred). Not sure if I’ll have time for all of it but having a comfy shirt on might help quell the feelings of undertraining come race day.

    Chris bender
  • Gym and trail.

    Shane K
  • I would use these shirts first and foremost for trail running. But if they feel great, likely all activities! These sound great and could be my go to shirts.

    Travis D
  • As a new runner at 54 and training for my first 5 mile trail run in October, these shirts would be perfect to train in everyday.

    Clifford Clayton
  • I’d wear these shirts for ultra training and the occasional XC race if I’m feeling particularly stylish.

    Paul Woidke
  • Anything. Finding a good, casual tech shirt is a rare treat.

    Brian T Wandzilak
  • Trail running & climbing

  • I’d gift them to my hubby as a not-so-subtle hint for him to get rid of his stinky, 10 yr old shirts!

  • I would wear them to replace the only two shirts I have to run with now. My wife is ready to condemn them both, probably call in hazmat for disposal. They are both good shirts, Bug repellant, friend repellent, laundry detergent doesn’t stand a chance and the sun doesn’t even want to shine on my shirts. Five shirts would be awesome and give me ten days of clean (cough) shirts to wear. I love path shorts and my one path hoodie. First time I put on my hoodie it was like. this is what a good fit is supposed to feel like and super soft. The watch slit and thumb hole… 10 stars

  • Training for a half marathon in September and my first 50K next spring. Not bad for a 61 and soon to be 62 year old.

    Mike McKnight
  • Staying cool and comfortable in the A-Z heat!

    Anne Ortiz
  • Just tried mine out for the first time running in VT. Awesome, super comfortable material. It dried really quickly. I haven’t worn it recreationally but I can’t see how it wouldn’t be amazing that way either. Awesome!!

  • Ran the entire Western States this year in Path. Amazing

    Michael Westbrooks
  • I’d wear them to run. But also all around New Orleans, where I spend a part of each summer. The heat and humidity can be drenching, and having shirts that wick, and that don’t get nasty and malodorous is necessary!

    Steve Jungkeit
  • Commuting to the office!

    Brandon Jeffs
  • Running, relaxing, doing errands around town, playing with the kiddos… Basically just living in it!

    Colin Chapell
  • Running, work, relaxation, gardening, strength training, cycling, and playing with my kids!!

  • I’d wear the the Cascade Shirt on casual days for work.

    Fabiola Guerra
  • I’d use the shirt for running, sleeping, rock climbing, sleeping, lounging, sleeping, and napping.

    John Thomas
  • I would wear my five Cascade shirts running, running, running, running, and relaxing.

  • Training for running, skiing, backpacking, yoga, and strength training!

  • I’d wear these shirts on runs, running errands on my bike and off just around – it’s really hot in St. Louis and they’d perform well.

    Hugh M Share
  • I would wear them on duty under my patrol uniform, as well as when I’m trail running and training for triathlons.

  • I’d look fresh in a cascade shirt everywhere, from my next race, my 5am runs, or carrying around my four month old son. Everyday is a good day for a high performance shirt.

    Christopher Bratton
  • I would wear the Cascade Ts for my many training runs each week (both off road and on), for the races I have coming up and because they’re a cool looking t-shirt I would wear them casually as well. Thanks.

    Andrew Willcocks

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