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Todd Chandler Path Projects Ambassador

Completing the Chicago Marathon in 1995 was one of the most inspiring days of my life. Five months earlier, I had never run more than three miles. Thanks to the support from friends, volunteers, the crowd, and fellow runners I managed to run farther that day than I ever had before. I was introduced to trail running in 2014, and that’s when running went from a hobby to a passion. I’m lucky my wife and four kids tolerate me running well into the evening and over many weekends. The running community in Kansas City, MO where we live is outstanding.

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

I ran a self-supported 100 miler with a friend in an ice storm. We both had run races that long, but wanted to see if we could grit it out on our own. When the weather turned bad on our planned date, we decided to persevere and run it in icy conditions.

Todd Chandler Path Projects Ambassador

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

Potawatomi 200. I'm eager to run a distance that will likely require sleeping at some point. I've been signed up for 3 years. It was canceled in 2020, I deferred in 2021, and I'm looking to crush it in April 2022.

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

Graves shorts. The stretchy water repellent fabric is great, and the pockets are fantastic! This winter, I also fell in love with the Pyrenees T19 hooded long sleeve - the hood stays up, the cuffens are outstanding, and I love the opening for my watch.

What do you enjoy about running? 

Running is flying.

Advice for runners looking to improve?

Get a coach. It's so helpful to have someone who sees things you miss and can challenge you.

Social channels you are most active on?

Instagram , Youtube, and Strava



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