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Dave Stinchfield Path Projects Ambassador

I hail from Washougal, WA in the southwest corner the state, right on the entry to the Columbia Gorge...my playground. Not being a runner, in my early 30’s I challenged myself to a marathon. From there, I completed a couple dozen and quickly realized that trails were where it’s at. The beauty, less stress on the body and the community of camaraderie. That led me to many 50k’s, 50 milers, 100 milers and now the 200 milers. It’s a difficult thing to explain to non-ultrarunners...the WHY. In my spare time, I own a large dental practice, have a beautiful supportive wife (best crew ever), 4 adult children with their 4 very significant others, and two granddaughters.

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

Bigfoot 200 in 2019 was probably my most difficult running accomplishment to date. We were favored with probably the worst thunderstorm event I have ever been exposed to, it occurred at the highest elevation of the race all night long. Punching through that long night and continuing for 3 more days was something that helped me realize that anything is possible. Finishing out the last 13 miles, paced by my daughter, was an experience I will never forget.

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

For 2021, the Triple Crown of 200’s is in my focus. I plan to complete the Bigfoot 200, Tahoe 200 and Moab 240 three months in a row.

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

The Graves PX Short 5”. Super comfy with a separate liner that I can tailor to the weather. Pyrenees T19 Hooded LS long sleeve shirt...most comfortable shirt ever with LONG sleeves!

What do you enjoy about running? 

The trails. I love letting my legs take me to places that I could never get to with a bike, a car or otherwise. The thing that gets me out there is knowing that once I do it, I am never disappointed that I got out there.

Dave Stinchfield Path Projects Ambassador

Advice for runners looking to improve?

Enjoy the ride. There are a lot of years to run. Don’t rush it, listen to your body and think long term.

Any running or adventure videos, or have been featured in?

Vimeo - Dave Stinchfield


Social channels you are most active on?

Strava and Instagram.

Anything else you’d like to share to the PATH projects community?

Love this positive, uplifting and forward looking community!

Dave Stinchfield Path Projects Ambassador


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