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Chris La Croix PATH projects

Hey everyone! I’m Chris and I live in southern Maine here on the Northeast coast. My introduction to the running world came senior year of high school when I decided to join the cross country team. It wasn’t my first choice, but the school I went to was so small they didn’t have enough for a soccer trail running it was! After graduating college I started getting more serious into racing and branching out into the OCR world, specifically making the yearly trek to the Spartan Beast at Killington, VT with my 3 brothers as well as a local triathlon (I was made for land, not water =P). I enjoyed coaching HS track and field for 7 years after college, and currently organize and direct the Spurling Charity 5k which supports local nonprofits here in southern Maine. Most recently I’ve started my own coaching business called All Seasons Endurance Training through which I hope to encourage, educate, and continue strengthening this amazing community we all love.

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

1. Running sub 40min. at the 20th Anniversary Beach to Beacon 10k here in Maine. It’s always a privilege in and of itself to get in and be able to participate in this race, so to also hit a personal goal I’d had for a while made it extra special.
2. Last year (2019) I ran a 1:27:25 PR at the Cape Cod ½ Marathon. Only having done a few ½ marathons, being able to break the hour and a half mark was something I was really proud of.
3. Completing my first Spartan Beast at Killington with 2 of my brothers. Up until that race, the longest race I had ever done was a 10k. The jump from a road 10k to 16 miles of raw and muddy Mt. Killington is something I’ll never forget.

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

30 by 30! This past summer I made it a goal to complete a 30+ mile race by my 30th birthday in Nov. My longest race to date is a single marathon back in 2018. While it won’t work out for me to attend an organized event at this time, I fully intend to still complete this goal before my deadline. I guess we’ll know soon how I did. Ha!

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

Hands down the Sykes PX 7” shorts. For me, they’re the perfect balanced short - lightweight, just the right amount of flex, super fast-drying, great pocket design, and the olive grey color is THE BOMB.

What do you enjoy about running? 

What I love about running is the fact that it can serve so many different purposes each and every day. I run to clear my head. I run to breathe in fresh air. I run for the challenge. I run to stay connected. I run to prove I can. Running is a blessing and I’m reminded of that every time I lace up my shoes and head out the door.

KREW member Chris La Croix

Advice for runners looking to improve?

One piece of advice I would offer up to those looking to improve is one that comes with my personal style of coaching which is rooted in realizing that running is a gift. I believe it’s important to recognize where you are and what things could look like if you were in someone else's shoes.
My advice is to appreciate and be okay with where you are. Most of us want to see ourselves improve in our running whether that be racing for the first time, achieving a PR in time or distance, finally being able to run pain free, etc. Just don’t forget to remember where you’re at and to appreciate things the way they are - if just for a moment. That positive mindset can oftentimes be the key to seeing progress start and continue moving forward.

Social channels you are most active on?

All Seasons Endurance Training, Strava and Instagram.

Anything else you’d like to share to the PATH projects community?

I’m extremely grateful and thankful to PATH projects for this opportunity and for their continued commitment to creating clothing that speaks to their passion and love for this sport. This commitment fosters a community that not only strengthens those in it, but also openly invites those not here yet to join in on what we all love - running!

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