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Chris Davies Path Projects Ambassador

Hi, I'm Chris Davies, based over here in North Wales, UK. I've been running with intention for maybe 4 years now, although became obsessed with running in the mountains from the word Go!

After running off and on, just as a training tool for bouldering (I was a sponsored boulderer here in the UK climbing around V13 back in the day!) , I decided to focus on a different challenge. I signed up for a marathon in the Torres del Paine over in Patagonia, which absolutely blew my mind!

My major problem was that it didn't last for long enough, so on returning I decided to enter and train for the Snowdon Ultra 100 mile event. Little did I know exactly how much hard work was coming up! I gave myself 10 months to train for the event, and over that period learnt so much about the mountains, trail running and myself and got so much joy from running in the mountains. The event went well (I came 7th!), and off the back of that, I've ran two other mountain 100s, with two more planned for this season (2021).

I also love self-supported projects. I have a tough one lined up for June 2021 (I've DNF'd 3 times on this already!). My furthest self-supported so far is 60 miles, although I would love to experience a solo -100 at some point.

I love the way, that once you can go as far as you like (on a good day!), into the mountains, and once you have learnt the trails and the ranges; is the freedom to travel and explore on your own two feet. Crossing mountain ranges, experiencing the challenges involved and overcoming those - its a great way to spend life.

I love running solo, and spending time thinking and also - there is a great mountain scene over here. I'm a member of three clubs - one of which is focussed on speed work, and another - I think craft ale is the main focus! Its a diverse scene and growing all of the time - amazing!

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

Finishing in 7 place in the Snowdon 100 mile ultra. This was my first ultra event, and first 100. It has over 30,000ft of gain, so I was absolutely blown away by the experience! I've ran it again since - its amazing!

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

I have the Lavaredo Ultra in June (if Covid allows), the Beacons Way 100, and again - the new Snowdon 100 2021 (new tougher course!). I have a solo objective which will be a new line/FKT (for a short while!). Running across 4 mountain ranges here in North Wales, from coast to coast over 25 peaks (48 miles). This will be solo and self supported, which I love!

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

Well, I've yet to try the Wildcat AT 3", so at the minute the Sykes PX 5" are amazing - so light you don't notice them at all, even on a scorching day in the mountains. Along with the Torch FX 3" - like, perfect. I have had zero chaff ever since moving over to Path shorts.

What do you enjoy about running? 

New routes! I love my favourite trails and mountains, but new trails and experiences, traveling to new countries to run - that gets me excited. For me, running and having the ability to go long opens up doors and allows you to truly explore. Couple with travelling to new wild places - that's me hooked! Its the freedom to be able to trust in your ability to get out there. Seeing what's around the next corner, the sunrises, the cloud inversions, the silence, the challenges! The times when I don't want to go - there are plenty of them, but the minute I start running - I'm always glad I went (well - 95% of the time!).

Advice for runners looking to improve?

Whatever the experience or event you are after - just get out there, train and try things out. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it - you can! Research, learn from mistakes and success', talk to people, read books, watch movies, eat right, get information - swallow it all up and use it! Main thing is - keep smiling. When it gets tough - smile and remember what you have learnt. Help other people out, manage your Karma, enjoy the process and you will get there (where ever that may be!).

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