Introducing the new Graves PX 5" Short + Enter to Win Contest

🚨Enter to Win a $100 gift card, see details below. 🚨

5 inch running short path projects

The Graves PX 5" is a high performance workhorse. It’s has 3 large zip pockets for all your goods. Made from Toray of Japan Primeflex that is soft, light weight and strong.

running shorts with pockets

Product Features:

  • Larger rear phone pocket. Size 5 3/4" x 3" (14.8cm x 7.7cm) fits iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR and X. 
  • Front hand pockets for balanced weight distribution and added space for carry.
  • Internal front right key pocket, keep your key secure and away from your 3 outside zip pockets.
  • Primeflex fabric, 100% polyester with mechanical stretch. Lightweight, durable, DWR coating, quick dry, breathable

Sykes running shorts product details

running shorts with phone pockets

Also available in 7" in Jet Black and Olive GreySykes 7 inch running shorts

Component Layering

All our shorts are designed on the component layering system. They do not have liners. For the best running experience, pair with one of our base liners.
running shorts without liners

liners for running shorts


🚨Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card 🚨

gift card PATH projects

To enter, let us know in the comments below which items you'd pick if you win a $100 PATH projects gift card. Winner will be announced later this week. 



  • Shirts for Rambo Operations.
    Shorts for Magic Mike night ops
    Base liners before the streaking run.
    Hat for cooking

    Oscar R Delgado
  • I would get the GRAVES PX 7" SHORT and Tahoe liners.
    I just want to say that I wore my Sykes shorts for this years NYC Marathon and they were amazeballs! I tried a bunch of different shorts while training and the Sykes were the best. Pockets for my phone, gels, keys, and they dried fast and had plenty of room for strides. Excellent product Path, keep up the good work!

    Travis H
  • I would choose the 7" Graves PX and pick a shirt to go with it. Your fabric and styling are superb. I’m just waiting for a lucky moment! Thanks!

    Kay Hettich
  • I’d get the Graves PX 7 inch shorts PX liners and a Cascade short sleeve shirt

    Tim Gunnett
  • If I won the lottery I would buy these items. Graves PX 5” shorts, Torch 3” briefs, Fade SS T shirt. Will use them on the trail in the Marin Headlands.

    Henry Wong
  • This one is easy…. The new Graves PX 5 shorts, Torch FX 5 " base liner and the new PATH Logo SS olive grey shirt.

    Jim L
  • A pair of the new Graves PX, liner and one of your new logo shirts! Love everything I’ve tried so far!!

  • Whatever I don’t already have from one of the greatest running wear stores online. No one seems to quite understand my needs like you do Path…

  • This system is a game changer! First base layer style liners that have not bunched in the wrong places when i move. Comfy too. But the shorts are the best part IMO. Tons of space in those amazing pockets that (ready for this) zip closed on the downward motion! Yeah, totally user friendly to get the pockets zipped back up. I can stow arm warmers, gloves, gel, iPhone XR, and a buff neck warmer with no bounce or jiggle. I see my running belts collecting dust in the future!
    Thanks Path Projects Team! Your passion has made my running easier thru good thoughtful gear design! (hug)

    Mike Turner
  • Give my husband a pair of 5" Sykes shorts and he’ll tell everybody he runs with about it… and he runs with a lot of people and boy can he talk about running and gear… ;-)

    Ali Wiseman
  • Sykes 5.. already got a pair of these and they are perfect. Need to try the graves.

  • Winter is in full swing in the Gallatin and Bridger mountain ranges in southern Montana. If I had an extra $100 I’d definitely swing for the Pyrenees T19 Hooded Shirt navy AND the Pyrenees MX LS Hooded Shirt (grey). I realize I’d be 30 bucks light, but I’m hoping to swing a deal for some seconds that accidentally placed the watch slit on the right arm instead of the left. This way I get two shirts, and I don’t have to wear them inside out.

    Mike G
  • Having worn out a pair of Graves already, I’d definitely buy a new pair of those PX shorts as well as the new heavier Pyrenees.

    Jeff Dodson
  • Long sleeve hooded shirt to wear during the Seattle Marathon (should’ve got one for the Can Lake 50 miler), and another Tahoe base liner. Then I’d get another pair of Graves, just because!

    Jay Stains
  • Graves 7" Olive Grey

  • Sykes 5. New pair of liners and maybe a hoodie. Oh so good.

    Jeff Melvin
  • The PYRENEES MX LS has been on my list for far too long.

  • Sykes shorts for sure. Then probably either another base layer or a t-shirt.

  • Graves, logo T, and a hoody!

  • Ready to try some new gear

    Jerry L
  • New Graves 5" shorts and long sleeve hoody — it’s getting cold out!

    Matt Kohlstedt
  • Black Graves PX 5", black Torch FX 5" and light grey Pyrenees MX…a bit over $100 but worth it!

  • I have a pair of the 5 inch sykes, and they’re my favorite running shorts.

    Anthony Layton
  • I would definitely get another pair of shorts (Graves PX5) as well as the new Pyrenees hooded shirt. And probably top it off with one of the 3" liners. I’d be so comfortable I would be tempted to run forever!

    Greg Smith
  • I would buy a new pair of Graves PX shorts and the new logo shirt!

    Gio DiDomenico
  • So far only have shirts. But they are a plus.

  • I love my Sykes shorts! Now I can embarrass my wife when I wear the Graves when I go to the grocery store (side pockets)!

  • All Path Projects gear I’ve purchased has been excellent and I’d buy more of the same.

  • Shorts, shorts, shorts!

  • Grave short

  • Definitely the Graves 7 “ with the 5” liners!

  • Sykes 5" shorts in olive green to go along with a Pyrenees T19 Ls hooded shirt in Heather Navy!


  • Shorts, shirts, and hats, oh my! That’s what I’d use my gift card on!

    Joe D.
  • Could always use more liners but probably the new GRAVES PX 5" short or another pair of SYKES 5" which I ran my first trail marathon in. I’d also get RANGE LOGO 3/4 RAGLAN to rep on the trails and off.

  • Some of the shirts for my husband. They are soooo soft

    Melissa Huff
  • I have 4-5 pair of Graves DA shorts….love those “micro perforations.” So, I guess would have to get a pair of the newer Graves PX with their “updated” fabric. And of course a liner to go with it!

    Roman Huff
  • Another pair of Graves shorts and a couple shirts. All of the gear is so nice though it’s hard to choose.
    Would love to see some pants in the offering. Not all of us live in warm climates year round. 😊

    Nick Helferich
  • Another pair of Graves shorts and a couple shirts. All of the gear is so nice though it’s hard to choose.
    Would love to see some pants in the offering. Not all of us live in warm climates year round. 😊

    Nick Helferich
  • Graves 5 with torch 5 in black with the White Muir hat.

    Ryan Brown
  • Graves shorts with the Torch liner!

    David S
  • I would get the new Graves PX7 shorts and finally spring for the baseliners. Been wanting to try these. Probably the frost grey Tahoe 5.

    Travis D.
  • I would love a Pyrenees and trucker hat!

    Christopher T. Headrick
  • If I won Id pick the Range Fade SS T shirt (heather grey), Graves PX 5" Shorts (black) and Tahoe CL 5’ (frost Grey) Liner. They will all be used on my 2020 AT thru hike attempt!

    Mike McCloud
  • I’d grab a Pyrenees T19 hoodie in the new grey (I already have it in the navy and would love a second so that I can wear this perfect weight hoodie more often!). I’d then go for the Torch 5" – ’cause summers in Memphis…

    Colin Chapell
  • I would get a pair of the Graves PX7 shorts and a couple of the Tahoe CL5 base liners. Heard a lot of good things about this company and would look forward to being a life-long customer.

  • I would love to try the Pyrenees mid weight black hooded shirt. Along with the Graves PX 7" Olive Grey shorts. Probably some more base liners too.

    Evan Rich
  • I’ve wanted to try out your shorts for some time… but I live far away (Scottish Highlands) and just haven’t got around to trying to get them sent over. However, having read a great review months ago on the Sykes shorts, I would love a pair of those in 5" or even the rather cool looking new Graves in 7". However, as sending them here is a hassle I’ll just go for one pair and put the rest on postage :-). I’m running an Ultra 50 on May 2nd over some Scottish mountains – these shorts would be part of the training gear from now and help out on the day.

    Stephen Wiseman
  • I would definitely get another pair of Sykes shorts, and Tahoe liners. I would absolutely shell out some extra cash for a Pyrenees mid-weight hoody too.

    Timothy Nooney
  • Another PYRENEES to be ready for winter!!! And some graves to try.

    Seriously the Pyrenees is a game changer

    Brian Glynn
  • Another PYRENEES to be ready for winter!!! And some graves to try.

    Seriously the Pyrenees is a game changer

    Brian Glynn

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