Extramilest Enter to Win 1 of 10 Running Hats

running with path projects hats


THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER! The 10 winners of the PATH projects hat giveaway are Jason Brueckner, Katelyn Spurlock, Marc Copeland, Michael McEvoy, Meredith Kenton, Pim Krajenbrink, Andy Rankin, Kevin Stanley-Hunt, Erick Domingo and Jorge Rodriguez. Congrats! More contests coming up soon. 


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This week PATH projects partnered with Extramilest for a really good giveaway. Enter for a chance to win 1 of 10 running hats of your choice, that's a great chance of winning!

All you have to do is comment below with the hat you would pick if you are the winner. Contest ends Friday May 17th, winners will be contacted and announced on May 18th. (rules and regulations)

Here are a few favorites: 

All available hats can be found here. GOOD LUCK! 


  • rucker hats is in my collection https://www.ustradeent.com/low-profile-trucker-cap-218174.html

    anna grace
  • Dark gray trucker cap.
    I’ll be sure to wear for my first marathon in 2 weeks!

  • Muir cap grey :)

  • MUIR Cap – Black
  • Oops forgot to put down the name of the cap earlier. I like the MUIR CAP – BLACK

    Emil Hum
  • All those hats look fabulous and would be excellent for my summer running 👍🏼

  • I like the Muir hat best. Looks like it has very good ventilation. I run faster when my noggin is cool :)

    Bill Schackart
  • Zion cap!!

  • The Black Muir Cap

    Jason Winstanley
  • Zion cap because when I’m running I’m Iron Lion Zion 💪🏻

  • Muir cap black… if you are happy to send to Australia…💜💜💜

  • The ZION CAP is really my cup of tea 😊

  • Zion cap is my favourite . All of the caps look great though, nice neutral colours!

  • Muir cap in white. Perfect for summer training.

    Mike Garnett
  • Muir Cap black looks sleek! Would be my choice. Cool brand, will definitely keep my eyes out for future products!

  • MUIR CAP – BLACK looks like an awesome cap. Can’t have enough protection from your own sweat.

    Jeffrey Wouda
  • MUIR CAP – BLACK would be my cap of choice if was the winner!

    Why you ask! I usually wear a cap when running marathons and trails races, so it’s simple, I would look good and you would get good advertising and promotion amongst other runners!!

    Neil Haydock
  • Nice caps! Thanks!

    Kenny Phan
  • I like the Zion Cap Frost Grey. Really appealing to my taste. And I have a suggestion to make it even more appealing. I wish it had two small ribber loops on the sides to hold glasses. Or maybe slids instead of loops. If I leave home for a run at 5 in the morning it only starts dawning. Sunglasses make little use. At about 6 the sun is just a bit above the horizon. No caps help but sunglasses are exactly what I need there. And with those loops or slids I will not need additional pockets on my shorts or pants.

  • Muir Cap – will help me look good on and off the trails! 👊🏻

    Lucy Clark
  • Muir Cap – will help me look good on and off the trails! 👊🏻

    Lucy Clark
  • ZION CAP – FROST GREY. Have just started training using MAF. Finding it hard as I’m so unfit.

    Bradley Haigh
  • Can I choose not to like the trucker hat? I want to believe I’m buying that technical Muir hat that looks expensive and compensates for my multiple excuses not to break 3hrs (age, lack of time, work, family…) . I don’t want to use hipsterism as a mask that fakes being in touch with the trucking community ,who likely can’t afford to run.

    David F Alden
  • I really like the Muir cap black☺️

    Finn Pettersen
  • Zion Frost pls

    Jake Ping
  • Path Projects, just what the running community needs here in London! I’d love to be an ambassador wearing the Zion Cap.

    Gareth Cowan
  • Trucker Cap!!! Big Ben Trucker! Would love to have one in my hats collection!

    Zawir A Farid
  • Frost grey Zion for sunny running

    Eduction is important but Running is Importanter.
    Running Is Importanter Trucker Hat.
    Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day.

    Niraj Raghvani

  • Muir Cap in Black!

    Jakub Oleksy
    I’m a trucker and a runner, if I win this cap, I will wear them on my coming 60k race on lake district UK. The cap looks awesome, hope I win 😅, good luck everyone.

    Alex Chan
  • Muir Cap in Charcoal Gray looks good!

  • MUIR CAP forgot to mention

  • Nice hat. Probably very good for the hot weather in Aruba or for any long distance event.

  • MUIR Cap please

    Gary Long
  • Trucker cap dark gray

    Chris Puckart
  • Love this MUIR Cap black 😍

    Abhilash Ranjan
  • Muir

  • Or the black on black trucker hat 😎

    Jason Brueckner

    Jason Brueckner
  • Muir hat is dope

    Charles Roberts
  • Muir Cap all the way!

    Cameron Mumby
  • Trucker cap grey :-)

    Mat Favell
  • Trucker cap grey :-)

    Mat Favell
  • Trucker Cap :D

    Alan Feekery
  • Hats off to you! Muir hat

    Wade Burnham
  • Frost Grey

    Harry Wong
  • Trucker cap -grey ;)

    Terry Chough
  • I’d pick the Muir Cap!

    Lester Domingo

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