We are excited to partner with Angie and Trevor from the Marathon Training Academy Podcast!

🚨 Enter for a chance to win one of five $75 PATH projects gift cards 🚨 

PATH projects gift card

To enter, comment below with at least 1 item you would pick, if you win our $75 gift card? 


Here are a few ideas: 


Sykes PX 7'' shorts with 3 back pockets

Sykes PX running shorts


Classic running short with rear center zip phone pocket and two rear zip storage pockets, for your gels, keys, etc. Learn more here


Muir Running Cap

Muir cap


The cool is in the laser cut. There are a whopping 94 x 2mm holes on the top and side panels of the Muir. You do the math on that breathability. Sophisticated design with miles of stealth performance. Learn more here


Badlands Running Cap

Badlands running cap

Designed for maximum airflow while wicking sweat and providing face protection from the sun. The perfect cap for warm to blistering hot runs. Learn more here.

Cascade short sleeve shirt

Cascade running shirt


Great for running and daily chill! Classic short sleeve shirt made from our light weight soft high performance Tencel blend fabric. Learn more here.  


Pyrenees Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

Pyrenees Long Sleeve hooded shirt


Hooded long sleeve shirt made from our light weight soft high performance Tencel blend fabric. With pull out hand protection, snorkel hood and left arm watch slot opening for watch / GPS access while hand protection is in use. Learn more here.


More running gear ideas can be found here

running shorts running base liners
running shirt running hats 



Contest is now over, congrats to Matt Haase, Janet Helms, Andy White, Sam Whittaker and Kevin Wilson.

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Terms and conditions:

  • Contest runs from 6/4/21 to 6/20/21
  • No purchase necessary
  • Open to those who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry
  • Read full T&C here.


  • SYKES!!

  • Def the shorts 5’’ Skyes!

    Brett Anderson
  • Hi I’m a little late to the party, and I think the contest already ended, but absolutely would choose a pair of the shorts, love the 3 pockets in the Skykes (but are they just mens or a womens fit also)?

    Karen Ganss
  • Definitely the shorts! My phone bounces around too much in the short I currently use.

    Kyle Johnson
  • I would get the Sykes PX 5" shorts and or the Pyrenees Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Who wears short shorts? I wear short shorts! I’ll take the shorts!

  • I would definitely get the shorts!

  • Definitely the shorts. Even if I don’t win, I plan on buying some anyway

  • I plan to purchase multiple items very soon. I discovered your website from Marathon Training Academy podcast. I have found a new Path in my life and your logo represents my lifestyle, my direction in life. I am so excited to purchase your products in a few weeks. Thanks, MTA!!

    Michael Rawdin
  • I would love to try the shorts out! I have suffered greatly from chafing on my legs from other running shorts with pockets but take it as a necessary evil since I need a way to carry my phone on long runs with me that don’t always require a full fueling belt.

  • Definitely would pick the shorts. They’re almost considered iconic in the running world.

    Danny Pham
  • The shorts with the zipper pockets! :)

    Linda Bergman
  • Two new pair of shorts and a running hat!

  • The Sykes shorts (extra pockets) and Pyrenees hoodie!!

    Tammy Campbell
  • The Sykes AT shorts for sure!

  • Pyrenee hoodie

  • 100% throwing down on a pair of shorts and one of the hats.

  • Graces shorts and the James Topo shirt!

    Sam Whittaker
  • Sykes 7” shorts for sure!! I already have a pair and love them!! By far the best shorts I’ve ever owned in my 14 years as a runner.

    Chris Myers
  • I would definitely like to get some Sykes shorts and Torch base liner. They look like great products.

  • The 3 pocket shorts!!!

  • The 5 pocket shorts for sure!!!

  • Not-too-short shorts with multiple zipped pockets? Yay! The Sykes shorts, please. :)

  • I am needing some new long run shorts so the Sykes would be amazing! And maybe the cascade shirt as well….

    Joshua Boquist
  • I would definitely go with the shorts! 3 pockets would rock, I never think shorts have enough pockets!!

  • The Sykes shorts look cool.

    Judy Cotner
  • I need some new running shorts so I would love to get the Sykes 7" shorts

    John Cotner
  • I’d buy my husband 7” shorts with pockets for his birthday coming up. Then he could ditch the running belt and hit the trails in style. :)

  • I’d get the shorts with pockets so I don’t have to wear even more items while running in the desert heat. 🥵

  • Without a doubt, I would choose the Sykes PX 5" shorts because runners need lots of pockets. We’ve been screaming this from the mountaintops for years and someone has finally listened! Thanks Path projects!

  • I would choose the shorts with pockets.

  • Definitely the Sykes 7” shorts with pockets!

    Katja Livingston
  • Sykes 7” shorts with pockets

    Shirley Star
  • Shorts with pockets

  • White Muir Cap!!

    H Tung Cheng
  • Love the shorts!

    Debbie Gelber
  • Sykes shorts with the pockets!

    Janet Helms
  • Some shorts and a hat!

  • Definitely Sykes PX 7" running shorts with 3 pockets!!

  • The Sykes 7” shorts or the Pyrenees pullover looks great also

    Kevin Wilson
  • Shorts with pockets! 💯

  • I’ve been looking for some shorts with a phone pocket!!

  • Ofcourse I would like the Sykes shorts with pockets. Who doesn’t LOVE pockets? :)

  • Definitely the SYKES PX 7" SHORTS WITH 3 BACK POCKETS!!

    Kit Schofield
  • 7 inch shorts!

    David Statman
  • Sykes 5” or graves 5”

  • Shorts with pockets!

  • Definitely the SYKES PX 7" SHORTS WITH 3 BACK POCKETS. I’m always looking for some good shorts!

    Andy White
  • Sykes and Pyrenees

  • I want some new running shorts! 3" inch Sykes :)

    Hoi Tung

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