Chicago Marathon Weekend with Ten Junk Miles

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running in chicago
We just came back from 4 days of running, cheering and meeting with friends in Chicago. The marathon weekend was in full effect with many running activities. 
We met up with the Ten Junk Miles podcast to eat the best deep-dish pizza in town and to record a group show. We had a long conversation about how PATH projects started, things we have learned in the past 2 years, upcoming products and much more. Episode link to follow next month.
ten junk miles podcast
With Scott Kummer, Holly Lindroth and Adam Benkers in the Ten Junk Miles studio.
After visiting the marathon expo, we went for a running tour of downtown Chicago. The rain and wind was coming down in full force and gave us a glimpse of fall running in the Midwest.
running group in chicago
floris gierman and scott kummer ten junk miles
On Saturday morning, we set up a marathon shake out run with friends from PATH projects, Ten Junk Miles and Extramilest. Great to meet runners from all over the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. We ran by the water front and talked marathon training and racing strategies.
group run in chicago
On Sunday we cheered on more than 40,000 marathoners at mile 24 on Michigan Ave. Very exciting to see the elite runners flying by so fast and smooth. 
Incredible to watch Brigid Kosgei set a new women's world record in 2:14:04
Coach Morgan from The Run Experience hosted a 2 hour live web cast from mile 24, while everyone cheered on the runners.
path projects ten junk miles and the run experience


Join our upcoming group runs:

Oct 31 - Thu
Central Park Group Run, New York
Join us for a mellow 4 ish mile run.

Nov 1 - Fri
PATH projects photo shoot - Central Park, New York
Join us to shoot some photos for the PATH projects Blog

Nov 2 - Sat
New York Marathon Shakeout Run
Join us for a short (30 minutes) shakeout run. Hang, chat, and more!

Dec 7 - Sat 
CIM Marathon Shakeout Run - Sacramento, CA
Join us for a short (30 minutes) shakeout run. Hang, chat, and more!

🚨Enter to Win a $100 gift card🚨

Congrats to last week's winner AJ Neufeld for winning 1 Cascade T-shirt and 2 Tahoe Base liners. 

This week enter to win a $100 gift card from PATH projects. Let us know in the comments, what is one advice you would give other runners looking to improve their running?


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  • Active Recovery! I always feel better after active recovery and tons of benefits to it!

  • Be patient with your training, do go out and run hard from the start especially if you are new to running. Start slow enjoy the process.

    Chad Houge
  • From my 11 year old daughter just completing her first season of cross country: “When it gets hard remember to keep your breathing steady”

  • Consistent running

    Steve M Martin
  • Figure out how to actually enjoy what you’re doing. If you treat running as a job, you will never find the motivation others have, who treat it as a gift.

  • Start slow and build your way up to longer distances. It’s way easier to do a quarter mile, then half mile, then a mile and build up endurance and stamina than to dive right into the deep end.

  • I think the 2 pieces of advice that really allow my running to take if were:

    1) cross training: adding squats and lunges really has helped my overall running. I feel more explosive and my legs feel strong throughout my long miles.

    2) learn to pull the ripcord. We all have those runs your body feels off for a variety of reason, it’s ok to alter your run . For me when I’m running and the heat gets to me I learned don’t try to be a hero and get those 13 miles in, if my body is hurting alter the run. This approach has helped me prevent injuries.

  • Having fun is the most important. The easiest way I’ve found, is to find other people with the same passion, and have group runs together.

  • Have fun! Do not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% per week. Have fun!

    Bryan Hammond
  • Not every race will end like you want it and that’s ok. Learn from what you did right and wrong and apply that to the next one.

    Drew S.
  • Give yourself credit and grace. Most of all find dumb ways to have fun

    Patrick Writz
  • 1. Have fun
    2. Have fun with a friend or friends
    3. Have fun doing something new or different. Mix it up!

  • Consistently is king. You have to put in the time if you want to be successful.

    Scott Frasca
  • Make running friends. Long runs go by much faster with a buddy and they’ll help keep you accountable in your training.

    Jesse Costello
  • 1. Run slower
    2. Consistency
    3. Build volume slowly and smart

  • Keep a training log and build consistency.

    Brian Lindsay
  • Add resistance training to your regular routine. This will help prevent injury and boost your metabolism.

    Melissa Kaiser
  • Most people go on trail runs loaded down with so much gear. Honestly, running minimalist (no phone, no water bottle, no ultra gear, no shirt, and a pair of short shorts) is the way to go on runs shorter than half marathon. You will have more fun and run faster on the trails. Just load your route on your Coros Vertix and blast off!

    David J Miller
  • If you need a break, take a break

    John Petroff
  • Do not take too much shoe advice from your running friends. Get help from a professional.

    Todd Snider
  • I concur with below. Find a community that supports your efforts at encourages you at whatever level you are at. Running is a mental game and it helps to encourage and hold each other accountable. Plus it makes it more fun too!

    Tom Elliott
  • Take increasing mileage slow!

  • If you’ve never run trails, try it. For me it made running fun where before it wasn’t. It was/is easier on my body, more interesting for my soul, and has a very chill community of parasites attached to it.

  • Build your base three times more than speed. For every one hard mile, run three easy. For every 1K of heart pounding vertical Ascent, go easy up 3K.

    Mike G
  • Don’t overthink it. Enjoy your runs and listen to how you feel for how long and fast you should be running at any given time.

    Justin Heller
  • Slow down! You’re probably going faster than you need to be. It’ll help in the long run.

  • Leave your watch/gps/strava at home. Focus on your breath 3-4 steps inhale/ 3-4 steps exhale and your cadence/mechanics. Do the simple things well then worry about performance

    rich airey
  • If you can, have a friend video you whine you run so you can hone in your body position and how you plant your feet to ensure efficient running and minimize injuries

  • Run 5 days a week no matter what don’t allow weather or life sidetrack you. Consistent training is king. Allow the body to recover with rest days after hard efforts. Sleep 9 hours if possible after your hard efforts. The body produces HGH but only when you sleep.

    Rory Oflahrity
  • Run as often as you can at an easy pace. Run hard once a week or so.

    Josh H
  • Consistency is key. A little bit every day will far outweigh great spurts separated by long droughts.

  • Listen to the Ten Junk Miles podcast and wear Path projects shorts of course! I love both!!!

    Tom Cipollina
  • Consistency is key. A great plan “on paper” means nothing if you don’t consistently get out the door and make it happen.

  • Have your “why” dialed in. Your why can change, but always keep a grounded sense of why. It could be complex or as simple as “I deserve a healthy life” or “I truly love running”, but your why should serve as the foundation.

  • Just be consistent. Pick a goal whether that’s a certain distance or a race or a time, and then run consistently to reach that goal.

  • Just be consistent. Pick a goal whether that’s a certain distance or a race or a time, and then run consistently to reach that goal.

  • Focus on form to avoid injuries. Consult a professional for help if needed. And always use anti-chafing cream. Liberally.

  • Be consistent, never give up. My secret to keeping the training schedule is to ALWAYS put on my running clothes, everyday morning, NO MATTER WHAT. Deciding whether to run or not is never a conversation I have with myself. Get up, put on your gear and run.

  • Be consistent, never give up. My secret to keeping the training schedule is to ALWAYS put on my running clothes, everyday morning, NO MATTER WHAT. Deciding whether to run or not is never a conversation I have with myself. Get up, put on your gear and run.

    Michael pellegrin
  • Be patient with the process. Commit to running regularly, no matter how slowly, and you’ll see slow changes. But go back to that first run you did (or tried to do) and see how it feels easier and you are faster. That takes time and consistent effort. Until then, enjoy each step…easy or hard!

    Kate McFadden
  • If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing it wrong.

    Brandon Hopkins
  • Dig deep and dream big. You’re more capable than you can imagine.

    Timothy Nooney
  • Take care of your body with strength and mobility work. Staying injury-free is the best way to get in all the training you need to keep improving as a runner.

    Edward G Wickham
  • Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to try something different, especially if you have a long running (pun intended) routine that you use. Also, don’t be afraid of a little strength training.

    Mark Andrews
  • When you think your done you’re only 40% done.

    Marcus Burhanna
  • Find the right shoes. A good pair of shoes change my entire outlook on running. When I first started, I was running in the cheapest shoes I could find at DSW. That lead to pain and injuries. I finally caved and went to a legit running store. They looked at how I ran and helped me realize I needed a good stability shoe to help support my pronation. I never looked back after my first couple runs in my new Brooks Transcend’s!!

    Kevin Zinck
  • Don’t start wearing barefoot shoes and running on your toes! It took me 5 months to figure out that I was getting shin splints from running like that.

    Cade Baade
  • Regularly perform hip muscle/gluteal strengthening.

  • Run your easy days easy! (not just less hard)

    Tad Kardis
  • Run on feel. Since ditching the GPS, running has become more stress free & the distance just seems easier.

    Nick Brandt

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