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Introducing the new Graves PX 5" Short + Enter to Win Contest

Presentamos el nuevo Graves PX 5" Short + Participa para ganar el concurso


🚨Participe para ganar una tarjeta de regalo de $100, consulte los detalles a continuación. 🚨

Proyectos de recorrido corto de 5 pulgadas.

El Graves PX 5" es un caballo de batalla de alto rendimiento. Tiene 3 grandes bolsillos con cremallera para todos sus bienes. Hecho de Toray de Japón Primeflex que es suave, liviano y resistente.

pantalones cortos para correr con bolsillos

Características del producto:

  • Bolsillo trasero más grande para el teléfono. Tamaño 5 3/4" x 3" (14,8 cm x 7,7 cm) para iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XR y X.
  • Bolsillos frontales para una distribución equilibrada del peso y mayor espacio para llevar.
  • Bolsillo interno frontal derecho para llaves, mantenga sus llaves seguras y alejadas de sus 3 bolsillos exteriores con cremallera.
  • Tejido Primeflex, 100% poliéster con estiramiento mecánico. Ligero, duradero, revestimiento DWR, de secado rápido, transpirable.

Detalles del producto de los pantalones cortos para correr Sykes

pantalones cortos para correr con bolsillos para el teléfono

También disponible en 7" en Jet Black y Olive Grey Pantalones cortos para correr Sykes de 7 pulgadas

Capas de componentes

Todos nuestros pantalones cortos están diseñados según el sistema de capas de componentes. No tienen forros. Para disfrutar de la mejor experiencia de carrera, combínalo con uno de nuestros forros básicos.
pantalones cortos para correr sin forro

forros para pantalones cortos para correr

🚨Participe para ganar una tarjeta de regalo de $100 🚨

tarjeta de regalo proyectos PATH

Para participar, háganos saber en los comentarios a continuación qué artículos elegiría si gana una tarjeta de regalo de proyectos PATH de $100. El ganador se anunciará a finales de esta semana.


126 comentarios

Best piece of advice: you are your own best coach—listen to your body.

Ian D Landau,

Best advice for running is to set a goal and move toward it without it becoming your identity. Find joy in the journey and grind. Work on your overall fitness, not just how much pounding your legs can take.

Dustin Walker,

Long time runner here, a major key to improvement is core strength. If you want to improve running and running longevity, find new ways to strengthen your core and interface with your body (yoga helps a lot!). If you don’t think you need to improve your core, then you DEFINITELY need do!

James Martin,

Graves PX 5" Shorts & Torch FX 3” liner

Ian L,

As I have gotten back into running and lost 50lbs the things that have helped me the most through the process are: Going longer than I think I can by using a walk/run strategy, entering events way over my head than grinding it out, and using quality gear.

Scott Gittleson,

Every day and every race is different. The 50k you ran in December in the Pacific Northwest had different needs than the 50k you run summer. Be aware of that not only for race day, but in training as well. Always be prepared for anything and everything.

Ben Perri,

Best advice is to listen to your body if you need to take a rest day do it! The last thing you want to do is overtrain or even push yourself, your body to a uncomfortable feeling. I have been running for just a year now and hearing different techniques from hydration/nutrition to workouts and form Really Helps! Everything helps at the end when you take the time to work on it and you disciplined your self.

Lucas Garcia,

Hoping to pick up another pair of graves 7” or the green Henley. Can’t go wrong! Best advice I ever got was get comfortable going slower. I needed to increase my miles more than I need to lose 10 seconds off of my 5k pr. Being okay with people seeing me run even slower than normal was key for me increasing my range and it impacted my shorter run times better than I expected.

Mike Lewis,

Best advice? Don’t quit. Don’t sleep in or skip the evening run. Don’t listen to your brain telling you that you can stop before you hit your goal. Don’t quit adding a little more distance or a little quicker pace. Just don’t quit!

Mike Turner,

Best info I have received and implemented from cach Nate is to take smaller strides so as not to overeach. Started working with the metronome to get the cadance right. What a differce it has made to my run

Mark ,

It’s great to have watches and gadgets to log your run. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy being outside and your entire run in general!


Just be patient and consistently pays off!

Carl Jackson,

I would get a couple pairs of the new Graves PX 5 inch shorts and a new running cap!

Justin Radcliffe,

Advice-just keep running

Josh Hoines,

Mx hooded shirt and a hat for sure


skyes PX 5" jet black!!


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