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Gift card,

Number 7

Jeff Merrell,

Gift card number 8, the ascent.


Number 3


I like 4. I love the colors of the sun!
(sorry for the double post – the first one didn’t like starting the post with #)

Jen Even,

I love the colors of the sun!
Jen Even,

nothing like ridge running

Luke Taylor,

& #4
Jon Hoyt,

6. As much as I love the long solitary hours, the trail community is something special!


My choice would be #3 I like the perspective it’s a cool photo that shows what’s possible in trail running!

Lucas Walters ,

really speaks to me.
Richard Coughlin,

I like number 2. Always good to run to the mountain top.

Matthew Hoadley,

I like number 4 first, followed by number 3. This scene looks natural and the sun is coming up in the background which gives the image some color. Besides, my favorite time to run is when the sun is rising.

K. Biris,

3 would be my favorite because there appears to be trees in the picture… I can envision running in the open to take in the view pictured, then getting back in the shade of the trees and enjoying the evergreen scents all around.
Todd Michael Szymczak,

I would have to go with #8. That super wide shot is amazing. What a view!

Andrew Cannon,

Love the colors!
Amber Norquist,

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