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Path gear testing with Chris Hauth

Path gear testing with Chris Hauth


PATH GEAR TEST: 7 Marathons, in 7 Days, on 7 Continents

 chris hauth

Chris Hauth is a two-time Olympian, former professional triathlete, ultra-runner and one of the world’s most respected endurance and ultra-endurance coaches. Earlier this year, Chris Hauth and a team of Special Forces Operators embarked on The Human Performance Project 7x: 7 skydives, 7 marathons, 7 swims, in 7 days, on 7 continents. Aimed to raise awareness and treat post traumatic stress. It was an adventure packed with adversity and difficulty, from extreme cold and heat, being detained at the Colombian airport, designing their own marathon courses on the wing, alligators in rivers and more.


graves px relaxed fit

“The beauty of this trip was that I was able to pack light with PATH gear. I love the interchangeable aspect of the gear, especially from the short aspect. I just had to bring 2 shorts and 7 base liners around the world with me, that made it so easy.

We had no support, so running with the gear and the food, the gels, the chews and the snicker bars or whatever we bought at the gas station in my pocket was a life saver.

Knowing that my phone is always going to sit there and be ready. It made it so much more manageable, because the gear was off the table on a question.”

 pyrenees and wheeler shorts

“I love the sun protection on the long sleeve hoodie, we needed that in Dubai and Egypt. To have something, not just for sun protection, but also changing conditions. The sun wears on you especially if you're exposed to it for that long. It makes a difference having some type of protection and coverage.

I use those casual shorts too, because they are easy to plunge in and to walk around town in, so it was an easy trip to pack for.”

Chris' advice before your next endurance challenge

Chris Hauth

"It is important to get your mind, body and spirit right. Before any major disruption to our lives there is a lot of emotional turmoil and stress being absorbed. Acknowledge. Accept. Embrace. How to get the body, mind and spirit right?

Calming breaths, envisioning the hours ahead, seeing oneself doing…in a calm, deliberate and freeing way. Put the mind to where you want the body to be…and breathe. Radical acceptance, breathe, allow, smile. Recognize the beauty of this opportunity, the health to do this, the power that is about to be unleashed and the beautiful stories that will unfold with current and new friends.

Smile, your whole life has led you to this moment, now be in the present moment. That is where life resides: only in the present moment. We enter the Journey and the adventure that will unfold with it. Goodbye ordinary world." 

Mountain Tested

Chris Hauth

Colin O'Brady and Chris Hauth at 29029

“We have a few people on the mountain at the 29029 event wearing PATH gear, also Colin O'Brady. We always laugh, it's easy, it's a no brainer for us.”

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