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From the lowest places on earth to the highest points on the planet

From the lowest places on earth to the highest points on the planet


charlie engle running

Recently we have been talking a lot about adventuring here at the Path Projects office. Ultra endurance athlete and great friend Charlie Engle takes adventuring to another level with 5.8 Project: 

He is aiming to be the first athlete to trek from the lowest point to the highest summit on every continent.

Charlie Engle

While it’s over 4,500 miles from the lowest place on our planet, the shore of the Dead Sea, to its highest peak on Mount Everest, these iconic ends of the earth are separated by a mere 5.8 vertical miles.

charlie engle running

First up is Africa, Charlie began the 5.8 Global Adventure Series on August 28. He started with a free dive to the lowest place he could reach at Lake Assaiin Djibouti on the remote coast of East Africa. From here he started running, biking and navigating his way through forests, deserts, elephant herds, impalas and people. 

charlie engle

He is moving through Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, reaching the base of Kilimanjaro, where he will climb to the top of Africa. 

charlie engle biking

In conjunction with this adventure series, he launched, his newest nonprofit venture, aimed at partnering with and empowering local nonprofits in the countries that he is running through. 

Check out his website and Instagram for a closer look into this inspiring journey. 

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