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Chicago Marathon Weekend with Ten Junk Miles

Chicago Marathon Weekend with Ten Junk Miles


🚨Enter to Win a $100 gift card, see details below. 🚨

running in chicago
We just came back from 4 days of running, cheering and meeting with friends in Chicago. The marathon weekend was in full effect with many running activities. 
We met up with the Ten Junk Miles podcast to eat the best deep-dish pizza in town and to record a group show. We had a long conversation about how Path Projects started, things we have learned in the past 2 years, upcoming products and much more. Episode link to follow next month.
ten junk miles podcast
With Scott Kummer, Holly Lindroth and Adam Benkers in the Ten Junk Miles studio.
After visiting the marathon expo, we went for a running tour of downtown Chicago. The rain and wind was coming down in full force and gave us a glimpse of fall running in the Midwest.
running group in chicago
floris gierman and scott kummer ten junk miles
On Saturday morning, we set up a marathon shake out run with friends from Path Projects, Ten Junk Miles and Extramilest. Great to meet runners from all over the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. We ran by the water front and talked marathon training and racing strategies.
group run in chicago
On Sunday we cheered on more than 40,000 marathoners at mile 24 on Michigan Ave. Very exciting to see the elite runners flying by so fast and smooth. 
Incredible to watch Brigid Kosgei set a new women's world record in 2:14:04
Coach Morgan from The Run Experience hosted a 2 hour live web cast from mile 24, while everyone cheered on the runners.
path projects ten junk miles and the run experience


Join our upcoming group runs:

Oct 31 - Thu
Central Park Group Run, New York
Join us for a mellow 4 ish mile run.

Nov 1 - Fri
Path Projects photo shoot - Central Park, New York
Join us to shoot some photos for the Path Projects Blog

Nov 2 - Sat
New York Marathon Shakeout Run
Join us for a short (30 minutes) shakeout run. Hang, chat, and more!

Dec 7 - Sat 
CIM Marathon Shakeout Run - Sacramento, CA
Join us for a short (30 minutes) shakeout run. Hang, chat, and more!

🚨Enter to Win a $100 gift card🚨

Congrats to last week's winner AJ Neufeld for winning 1 Cascade T-shirt and 2 Tahoe Base liners. 

This week enter to win a $100 gift card from Path Projects. Let us know in the comments, what is one advice you would give other runners looking to improve their running?


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Think about all the beer you can drink after your run!


Find your groove and your passion, then set reasonable but challenging goals. Took me a while to find trail running, but it’s been the best thing for me recently. Started slow after knee surgery (road running injury) and built up my love for distance on trials. Did my first 50K ultra a few months ago.


Chill out and have fun. See what’s around you and just run.

Hugh M Share,

Run slower and increase mileage

Isaac Hicks,

Run hills and work on cadence as you head up.


Work on your mobility, e.g. dynamic stretching, foam rolling, yoga. It’ll help in injury prevention, and make you feel better in general!


Consistency, consistency, consistency. Put in the work to build that aerobic foundation by going slow and then layer on speed. Don’t jump straight from “primary school running” to “university running,” if you will. Take the whole journey.

Ian D Landau,

Move with heart, it’s smarter than you 💛.

Denys ,

Take the needed rest, if the training becomes all work it’s time for a break. You’ll thank yourself for doing so in the long run.

Jeff Wanner,

get off road as much as you can!

thomas james gothers,

Learn how to always make it FUN!

Adam Lopez,

Keep going! Don’t give up. Keep going out your front door no matter what is happening. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. A breakthrough will come!


Consistency is important, but be sure to mix in something silly (sing “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” at full volume while pushing your toddler counts), something challenging (throw in an unplanned attempt at the local Strava segment just because), and be present in the moment.

Colin Chapell,

Relax. Drop your shoulders. Look ahead. Have full-forward arm movement. “Hip to Nip.” Land your feet under your body. Smile. Run with a friend. Most of all enjoy being able to run!

Anthony Leopper,

Don’t forget to breathe! Breathe up the that hill. Breathe through the rough stuff!


The best time to start running is 20 years ago. The second best time to start is today.

David Hicks,

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