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The WHY behind Path Projects


It’s a simple question: Why do we run?

To reconnect with the world outside. 

To push ourselves and test new limits. 

We run to revitalize our spirits.

 Keep us strong and independent.

To deepen friendships and discover new ones.

 There are as many reasons why people run as there are paths out the door. 

That’s why at Path Projects, we design zero-compromise running apparel. 

Because we want your experience of running to be as rewarding as possible. 

It’s why we seek out the most innovative fabrics and the highest performance materials from Europe and Asia. 

It’s why we obsess over the placement and angle of a pocket, the wicking properties of a waistband, the range of motion in a specific yarn. 

Every stitch and seam is a debate about comfort, durability and craftsmanship.

 We design and modify, test and hack. Because we want to run farther, with less effort, and more joy. 

It’s also why, as a company, Path Projects runs differently. We want a closer, more direct conversation with you. So there’s no middle man and no markups in cost. 

This in turn gives us the freedom to innovate without cutting a single corner.

We’re able to bring you exceptional technical running apparel at an unheard of price.

There are thousands of reasons why people run. 

Each as meaningful and rewarding as the next. 

And that is the Why behind Path Projects. Whatever your path, enjoy the journey.