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How to make an ice bandana for trail running and hiking?

How to make an ice bandana for trail running and hiking?


Running coach and ultra runner Jimmy Dean Freeman explains how to make an ice bandana to stay cool on the trails while running and hiking. He also goes over the benefits of ice bandanas. 


Hi everybody, Jimmy Dean Freeman here with Path Projects and Coyote Running. Here to show you guys the benefits of ice bandanas for hot summer races and hot summer running. So what you're going to do is start off with a cloth or dry fit bandana. PATH makes a nice one here with some moister wicking properties. 

You're going to lay the bandana flat, get a handful of ice. You want something between a softball and a baseball amount of ice.

ice bandana for running

Spread it out in the middle of the bandana. Then you're going to pinch the end together, like a triangle. Then you are going to roll it like a croissant. 

how to make an ice bandana

What you want to do is keep the ice in the middle towards the points, so it doesn't fall out of the ends. When you pick it up, you are going to put it around the back of your neck, so that the ice presses up against the back of your neck. This is going to help cool your blood temperature.

ice bandana for running and hiking

You are going to tie it, like a boy scout bandana. You don't want to make it too tight, you want to be able to put a good fist in between your neck and the knot. You want it to rest on your shoulders, not choke off your air supply. 

bandana for running and hiking

Now what the ice will do is, it will lay on your neck where blood comes closest to your skin, the back of your neck. As the ice melts, what you are going to do, at another aid station or another stop point, you are going to re-supply the ice.

ice bandana for running and hiking

You will un-tie it, some people would like to use multiple bandanas and trade them out. You are going to flatten the thing out, throw a new handful of ice in it, re-roll it, re-tie it and you are good to go. 

bandanas for running and hikingWe built our Path Projects performance bandanas with our Tencelite 19 fabric, the same materials used for our shirts. Sun protection, cooling tool, dust filter or sweat towel. There are lots of uses for this super soft & tech bandanna.

These bandanas are available in three colors, light heather grey, black and heather navy. Stay cool out there on the trails! 


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