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BigFoot 200 & UTMB Training and Racing | Aaron Shimmons

BigFoot 200 & UTMB Training and Racing | Aaron Shimmons


Our KREW member Aaron Shimmons (IG / YT) is an ultra endurance athlete from Northern Ireland. 

He completed the UTMB trilogy (CCC, TDS, UTMB), and twice towed the line for Europe's "Hardrock", the mega "Ronda dels Cims" in Andorra. He also finished 7th place male at Bigfoot 200. 

Aaron Shimmons PATH projects

Running accomplishments you are proud of: 

My first podium at the wild and rugged Transylvania 100k. This course, as well as so many I have raced, suffered an epic storm, but I managed to navigate the sparsely marked course and it's 6500m of vert to place 2nd.


Your favorite Path Projects gear?

Aaron Shimmons PATH projects Pyrenees T19 hooded shirt

100% the Pyrenees Long Sleeve. Hands-down the only piece of running gear my wife has ever complimented.


What do you enjoy about running? 

I love going off piste and making my own adventure with nothing but a time or vert goal. It clears the mind and inspires me in more ways than one.


Advice for runners looking to improve? 

Don't go big, just stay consistent and listen to your body. If you're tired after a rest day, then you probably did too much. Dial it back for next week.Social channels you are most active on?



This year Aaron trained hard for BigFoot 200 and due to travel restrictions he had to change last minute to run UTMB instead. 

He shares several great vlogs about his training journey. 






See more videos on his YouTube Channel and Instagram @irunovermountains

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