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Our 10 Favorite Running Posts of 2019 + Enter to Win!

Our 10 Favorite Running Posts of 2019 + Enter to Win!


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As we are nearing the end of the year, we looked back at our favorite blog posts this year. In case you missed any of these, we thought you'd enjoy these trail safety tips, running strategies, podcast compilations and more:


Running hasn’t been about the race, it hasn’t been about the training, its been about the freedom. It is time to break away from the hustle and have me time.


I’ve found so much peace running in 2019. I haven’t been doing any serious pacing or heart rate tracking or pump up music. Just running to run and listening to the environment around me. Truly escaping and experiencing all my body is capable of. Cheers!

Nick Makowski,

Stop to look, listen and breathe. We are fortunate.

Hugh Share,

Core strength is key to running strength

Matt Kohlstedt,

I learned the importance of recovery and rest especially when training hard.

Ultrarunnermama ,

Pair competitive running with a second love in the off season!


Running is what YOU want it to be. Running is what YOU need it to be.

Sarah Turnbull,

Running with friends makes everything better: successes are celebrated more, and disappointments aren’t as low!


Stop and listen to the sound track of the trails. No MP3 player needed.

Matt LeGrand,

Make your easy days easy and your hard days hard!


Foam rolling EVERYDAY!!! Even on off days. As an Aging runner it’s become more important to stretch work ham to stay injury free. I fond foam rolling to be a y fo me years ago, but now I do it everyday even on off days. Difference maker for me!

Steve Barnes,

Injuries require time for recovery, otherwise you’re likely to get stuck in a cycle of re-injury.


A strong mind is as important as strong legs to be a strong runner.


I rediscovered the importance of base mileage.


This year I learned I can run everyday and still recover. You just have to pace yourself and take care of your feet.


After my wife having our first child and all the madness that comes with it training took a slight back seat but I learn most of all to just slow down and enjoy the ride that being during a race, training, or even in life.

John K,