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Winter Running Gear

Winter Running Gear


The winter weather is in full effect in many parts of the world. To stay comfortable and motivated on your runs, the lower temperatures mean dressing warmer for your runs. It’s a fine line between keeping you warm without making you overheat. 

Path Projects has developed several items specifically for those cold days on the trail or the windy city streets. Our Tahoe length base liners can be paired with one of our running shorts. The Pyrenees hooded shirt with a contour paneled hood, viewing slot for GPS watch and pull out hand protection, is a great addition to your cold weather running gear and your daily wardrobe.

the best winter running gear



Definitely a whole set of shorts. Cheers

Michal ,

I’d take the full kit if I could, long baselayer, shorts and hoodie. Currently waiting on my first order to come on Thursday!

Jon Mireles,

I’d buy that hoodie. Would be great for runs but also just looks great!


Sykes px, Pyrenees hoodie

Ryan Brown ,

Shorts, shorts, more shorts, and one hat.


Need that hoodie. New England winter ain’t done yet.

Rohan Simkin,

5” shorts all day! It’s never cold enough where I live to wear anything but.


As much as the full length base liner would come in handy a few times out of the year for me in TN, I think I would go with the Pyrenees hooded shirt.

Joel S McCauley,

The liners for sure can never have to many of those running here in a Canada

Tyler Lewis,

The Pyrenese hoody and Sykes shorts!


The Sykes PX shorts and the Pyrenees also hooded shirt are perfect cold weather gear for training here in Idaho

John Lauer,

Long Sleeve Hoody T-Shirt.. a must for SF Runners.

Armando Torres,

I need another hoodie ASAP. I love the one I have so much for running that I want another for wearing in the freezing gym as a PE teacher.


This hoodie looks perfect for spring running. The watch hole must be the most perfect and simple solution to a problem experienced by every runner in the wintertime. Shows that actual runners are designing these garments. Keep up the innovation!

Javier ,

Would love the Pyrenees hoodie and full length liners!

Jon Kawashima,

I would get a nice running jacket! I don’t have great outer layers for exercising in the cold, so a jacket like this would totally be amazing!


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