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simple mountain topo shirt PATH projects

🚨 New Graphic Tees & Enter to Win Contest!


New Graphic T-shirts

simple mtn topo t-shirt
Our graphic shirts are printed with reflective ink. Made in the USA.
The Tencelite 19 fabric wicks away moisture, is quick dry and has natural anti-odor protection.
The soft natural hand makes it perfect for extreme runs, grueling workouts or daily chill.

*** Contest is now over. Congrats to Ryan Maters for winning the $150 gift card to Path Projects. More contests coming up soon, stay tuned!! ***

🚨 To enter this contest, let us know in the comments, which items you would pick if you would win the $150 gift card. 🚨 


PATH logo in Heather Gray, no doubt about it!

Drew Bennett,

I would probably be looking at the James Topo T, Pyrness T19 Hooded Shirt, Wheelr FT Short, & the Sykes short.


I would go for the Tahoe CL 5" Base Liner, Sykes PX 7" Short, and Pyrenees T19 Hooded Long Sleeve Shirt.

Kit M.,

I definitely go for the James Topo and the Simple MTN Topo. They look pretty sharp! The Circle Range in Heather is a nice look. I need more gray as I finally threw out my original graves shorts from when they first came out a few years back…after a few thousand miles of dirt and sweat…they finally started to fall apart…

Jeff Dodson,

I think I’m ready for some Graves 7” and I really need some liners. Shasta for Alaska! And then, of course the long sleeve Pyrenees hoody (more for bugs than warmth).


The Sykes 5” & a new T!


Definitely shorts! I’m still using the track shorts from my high school years..


I would get some running shorts, liners and shirts for sure!!

Robert Carlson ,

I would get some more of the shorts and liners. I’m a huge fan.


I’d get a set of Graves Shorts and liners for my brother, and Cascade, James Topo shirts for me

Eric S,

i’d get some shirts and shorts to workout better

Charles Wang,

I am coming back from injury and starting to log up the miles again. I follow Floris and his website and draw so much inspiration from his words of wisdom! He has really helped me get back on the road. I have a Path Trucker hat and would love to wear some running shorts and tees to match. Keep up the great work guys!


An extra hat, because they are pretty sick. I would also get the new logo fading shirts and a few new pair of shorts- they are AWESOME. Underliners are great too. Wait, am I over $150? Decisions, decisions! I would probably end up just taking $150 off a bigger purchase haha. We are about to go hike Yosemite so ANY new gear would be great. Also wore you guys for the 100k at Caprock Canyons! Best running clothes ever! You already have a great customer here!

Ashley M Pickerill,

Any stuff that is biggest enough for me to fit like 3X or bigger. I love everything so let me win for the big guys. Peace!!!

Deryk N Robinson,

Circle Range Heather, Single MTN TOPO Navy, running shorts, love all your gear!

Robert Vodicka,

Oooohh, new shirts! I’d get both Topo shirts and another pair of the Graves shorts since I can’t find mine. Those shorts are the best!

Darwin L,

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