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Highs and lows of running a 256 mile race, with Wes Plate

Highs and lows of running a 256 mile race, with Wes Plate


Cocodona 250, a new Film by Wes Plate. Premieres on YouTube today at 7pm Pacific Time.  

Highs and lows of running a 256 mile race, with Wes Plate

Wes Plate Cocodona 2021 Sedona AZ

Mile 154 of 256, Sedona, AZ - ''The highest high was when I was in the Sedona area, around mile 150 to mile 160. I was running like a champ. I couldn't believe I had so many miles on my legs, but yet I was so energetic and feeling so good. I just felt so positive and happy and I moved really well.'' - Wes Plate

Wes Plate Cocodona Blisters

Sedona aid station, mile 160 of 256 ''This is the first time that I've had blister problems. It was a challenge for me.''

Blisters ultra running Wes Plate Cocodona 250

Cinder Pit Aid station, mile 204 of 256 ''I had to trust the medics to help me out through it. They were super helpful as a part of my success.''

Kerry Ward and Wes Plate, Cocodona 250 Flagstaff AZ

Mile 255 of 256 - Flagstaff, AZ. ''Kerry Ward and I ended up just falling into a good groove together. We really enjoyed each other's company. The pace that we were running was well matched.''

Finish line Cocodona 250 Wes Plate

Finish line celebrations. Mile 256 of 256, Flagstaff, AZ. 

Proud parents Wes PlateProud parents of Wes Plate at the finish line. 

Path Projects gear Wes used for Cocodona 250

Graves PX 7'' Shorts

Graves PX 7" shorts

''I use the Graves PX shorts and I love them because they have the phone pocket in the back, but they also have hand pockets on the sides. Sometimes I find that I just want to put my hands in a pocket as I'm walking. These shorts are my favorite for their flexibility and versatility and storage, but also they just give me a place to put my hands sometimes. They worked great.'' - Wes Plate



Badlands Cap

Badlands Cap

Learn more about Wes Plate on his KREW bio page, his StravaInstagram, and of course his YouTube channel

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