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Elan Lieber

Born in San Francisco and grew up in the the heart of it all- Ohio. I moved out Los Angeles for graduate school in 2012 and never looked back. I fell in love with trail running in Southern California and over the last seven years have continued exploring my limits in trail and ultra-running. I love to race and adventure all-over the West Coast and can always catch me running up our local Mt. Tamalpais Wednesday morning with our local San Francisco Running Crew.

Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of

Each of my six-hundred-mile race finishes have been incredibly rewarding in their own way. The one I am most proud is my 2018 Kodiak 100 which was my first 100-mile race win, and I took over first place with less than two miles to go in the race and took the win by less than five minutes total. It was an incredible day!

Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

Waitlisted for 2021 Western States 100! I recently thru-hiked the John Muir Trail and would love to get back out there for a fast and light effort.

Your favorite PATH projects gear?

Sykes 5" shorts! The lightest and most durable shorts in my repertoire. They're great for any type of run, and any type of distance.

What do you enjoy about running? 

Exploring! What I love most about running is how much it gives back to me. I love being able to step out my door and explore my backyard, there's so much to see and running is the best vehicle to take it all in.

Elan Lieber

Advice for runners looking to improve?

Consistency. Plain and simple, you get out what you put in.

Social channels you are most active on?

Strava and Instagram.

Any running videos?


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