Introducing our PATH projects KREW!

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Our PATH projects KREW is a group of passionate runners that are actively involved in the outdoor space. From adventurers, running coaches and podcast hosts, to race directors, volunteers and group run leaders, they all push themselves and test new limits.

Each member has their own page on our website, to learn more about them, their race accomplishments they are proud of, their favorite PATH projects gear and more. See links to each profile below.

Recently we asked our KREW members several questions, see their answers below.


What is your background in running?

Kyle Whalum Running Trails

Kyle Whalum, Los Angeles, CA

I’m a professional musician and proud amateur athlete. I love being outside in any capacity but especially running long distances on trails and mountains. In the 12 years I’ve been running, I’ve run 16 ultramarathons including 5 hundred milers. I’m proud to support various causes and encourage ALL different kinds of people to reconnect with the outdoors. Trail-therapy is for everybody!

Read Kyle's bio here.

Aric Manning path projects

Aric W. Manning, Ogden, Utah:

I am from Ogden, UT and professionally- the Executive Director of the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (nonprofit). I feel extremely fortunate to have been involved with the trail running community since 2006. Whether it is running, racing, race directing, being a team manager (old Pearl Izumi Ultra team), product testing, producing the TrailManners podcast, a gear guinea pig or a volunteer- the friendships I have forged with so many amazing people will always be my greatest memories. Mountains and trails are my passions and I just feel lucky to share the trails while running with my beautiful girlfriend Sarah and our dogs Gunnar and Barrett.

Read Aric's bio here.

Greg Sisengrath running

Greg Sisengrath in Allen, Texas: I participated in team sports growing up and absolutely did not enjoy running. In an effort to get back into shape, I ran my first road half marathon in 2009. Eventually made my way to trail and ultras in 2011 and haven’t looked back. I’ve mostly focused on Western States and Hard Rock qualifiers the last few years. I’m fresh off a finish at Bear 100 and have started my training cycle for Cocodona 250 next May. I’m a husband and father to 3 girls. I’m also a running coach and co-founder of a local trail running group, Team Dirt and Vert.

Read Greg's bio here.

Alex Barkley running path projects

Alex Barkley, Flagstaff Arizona: Originally from Seattle, WA. I grew up in the mountains backpacking, hiking, and camping. In the city I fell in love with racing on the track, then cross country. After a several year hiatus from running, I combined my love for the mountains with my love for running and starting exploring again. Recently, I moved to Flagstaff, AZ where the running community is wildly supportive and I am slowly but surely getting my competitive edge back.   

Read Alex's bio here.

Philip King path projects running

I’m from Arkansas. I was born and raised here, I started running in 2016. At first it was a bucket list thing, now it’s turned into something way bigger. I’ve became involved in my community, thru Black Man Run, and also I’ve accomplished some personal goals along the way.

Read Philip's bio here.
John Goldfield running path projects

John Goldfield, Raleigh, North Carolina: I found my way back to running in 2014 and after struggling with road running discovered the soul-lifting aspect of the trails. I ran my first 50k in 2017 thinking it was beyond my capability... and I haven't looked back since. round Raleigh. Since then I've been heavily involved in local run clubs and with a favorite running store, helping with social events, raising funds and general shenanigans. I attended several Tanawha Adventures trail camps, connecting with new friends around the US and the world. I started a blog chronicling my running adventures and race reports as well as some general observations relevant to the times.

I'm no spring chicken (54 yrs young), and I am a reliably solid middle-of-the-pack finisher, but I nearly always have a grin on my face and I am "finding the awesome" in every part of the process from training to toeing the line of a race.

In my "free time" I'm a front-line Physician Assistant in a local Emergency Department. The 2020 pandemic has been immensely challenging as one would expect, but trail running has consistently brought me solace and joy throughout the past 7 months.

Read John's bio here.

Michael desmond running path projects
Mike Desmond, Colorado Springs, CO: 

Hi! I grew up in the Northeast and spent some time down in Texas before finally settling down with my wife and three kids in the beautiful state of Colorado. I use to hate running and never saw the point in just running when you could combine it with a ball and make it a "real sport." All that changed two years ago when I turned 30 and caught the running bug. Things have progressed quickly since then. I ran over 1200 miles in 2019 and I'm aiming at 2020 miles in 2020. Happy to be on the roads. Happier to be on trails in the mountains. Happiest to call myself a runner!

Read Michael's bio here.

What is one piece of advice for runners looking to improve:  

Albert Shank running Albert Shank, Phoenix, Arizona: 

Make most of your days very easy, sprinkle in the hard training in small amounts, and save your mojo and your PRs for race day.

Read Albert's bio here.
Jeremie smith encio running

Jeremie Smith-Encio from Clearwater, Florida: Take your time and enjoy the run. Don’t rush the process or compare yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of Joy. Everyone has to start somewhere but at least you have the opportunity to work on something that’s just for you. There may be days where you feel not up to the task of running but there will never be a day that you will say I wish I didn’t run today! 

Read Jeremie's bio here.
Billy Satterwhite running
Billy Satterwhite, Austin Texas:

Keep a journal, either digital or physical, of race reports and notes from your good and bad runs. I've found in the past that I take away more lessons from a race or run if I write and reflect on it.

Read Billy's bio here.
Robert Jones running
Robert Jones, Salt Lake City, UT: 
Consistency is key. Develop a routine that you enjoy and fits in your schedule that gets you running 5-6 days of the week. But don't forget, rest and sleep are equally important!  
Read Robert's bio here.
Iain Jones Zion running
Iain Jones, Irvine California: 
This community is a wonderful resource and a place to explore the world with joy and anticipation. Dive in and enjoy the adventure!   
Read Iain's bio here.


What do you enjoy about running?

Adam Goodkind running PATH projects Adam Goodkind from Minnetonka, MN: 

What I love about running is seeing and thinking in an elevated state of awareness. It is how I make sense of life, solve problems, understand dreams and reconcile emotions.

Read Adam's bio here.
Liam Lonsdale running

Liam Lonsdale in Oakland, California: There is nothing comparable to the meditative state that I enter when I find my pace on a trail, it clears the mind of noise, stress, everything. It cleanses. It energizes. It's the good stuff.

The feeling of my own two legs taking me on adventures that many consider to be impossible, or just plain stupid ... I love that. Looking down on the world from a summit, with nothing but a pair of running shoes on your feet and the clothes on your back ... phwoar, I mean ... it's incredibly powerful. 

Read Liam's bio here.
Jesse cardoza running
Jesse Cardoza, San Juan Capistrano, California

The sense of accomplishment no matter the length of the run. Life’s always better after a good run.

Read Jesse's bio here.
Brian Burke running path projects
Brian Burke, Somerville, MA:

My favorite days are the ones where I step outside and run without a destination. I like to get lost then find my way home.

Read Brian's bio here
Jason Santos running seattle
Jason Santos, Seattle, WA
I love the adventure of it; I find I'm happiest when I'm out exploring new places and trails. I especially love ridge-running and trying not to trip over my lip from the jaw-dropping views 😆. I also love the camaraderie of races and sharing stories and great convo with other runners.  
Read Jason's bio here.
Adam Benkers Ten Junk Miles
Adam Benkers, Batavia, Illinois:

I really like to run. Running is my therapy, it's like making the bed in the morning, no matter what's going on or happening in life, after my run, I know I've accomplished something today.

Read Adam's bio here.


Your favorite PATH projects gear? 

Gunnar Barera running path projects Gunnar Barera, Orange California

The Graves PX 7" shorts- In addition to being an excellent workhorse for running. I also use this short when I'm not running. The pockets are perfect! I'm able to store my phone, wallet, keys, and miscellaneous items. The best part is that they're all safe and secure with the zippers. The perfect short for running and daily activates. Matching it with a Cascade shirt you'll always be ready to go for a run no matter where you are. It's even great if you're at work on a casual day. The Muir Cap is also amazing. Super comfortable and doesn't feel like it's on your head. I've used it for many running adventures.

Read Gunnar's bio here.

David Fox Trail running path projects
David Fox in Golden, Colorado:

The Sykes PX short are my absolute go to running short!  The pocket layout is bar none the best of any short available on the market.

Read David's bio here.
Joby Olguin running
Joby Olguin, Fayetteville, Arkansas: 
  • Sykes PX 5" shorts  - All the pockets in the right places, perfect for long runs.
  • Wildcat AT 3" shorts - They are my go to for fast/ saucy runs. It feels as if you were running in just underwear. Cop them and you'll see exactly what I mean 😉
  • Pyrenees T19 long sleeve shirt - Soft, Lightweight, Breathable... the left sleeve has the watch slot to keep an eye out on your running stats.
Read Joby's bio here.
Andy Beaumarchais running
Andy Beaumarchais, Carlsbad, California: 
The Graves PX -5" Short with the zippers on the side are the best shorts I have ever worn in my life. From the materials, to the cut, to the details, the gear is the Rolls Royce of the run game..   
Read Andy's bio here.
John Hale running path projects
John Hale, Orange, CA: 
The Pyrenees hoodie. It's the perfect weight for California winters. It looks great and stays comfortable with or without a layer underneath.
Read John's story here.
Tim Case Boulder running

Tim Case, Boulder, ColoradoI wear a PATH Projects piece every day, most often the Cascade T and the Pyrenees hoody...and the Sykes 5” shorts are perfect for running, swimming and sleeping!  

Read Tim's bio here.


Running accomplishment(s) you are proud of?

Siva Balu Badwater 135
Siva Balu, Chicago, IL: 

(1) Badwater 135: It was an honor to be invited to run the "World's Toughest Footr ace" Badwater 135 miler in Death Valley. The race starts at the lowest point in the northern hemisphere at 282 feet below sea level at Badwater Basin and goes up to Mt. Whitney portal over 8,500 feet above sea level through three mountain races. There are only 800+ people on the planet who have completed this event. I was also injured 7 weeks before this race at Keys 100 and had to rehab before running this. Running through the entire Death Valley national park in 125 F heat and taking it all in was a life changing experience.

(2) Tuscobia 160: This tough and long winter ultra marathon in northwest Wisconsin during the last weekend of December was yet another unique and challenging experience. There was snow, winter rain, ice and all this while pulling a sled with all your supplies as there was no outside support or aid stations. I was all by myself for most of the race which lasted for 3 days and 3 nights (67 hours) with no sleep or extended break. This race really tested the mental strength of not giving up. 

Read Siva's bio here.

Jason Cohen heavy leadville running path projects
Jason Cohen, Lafayette, Louisiana: 

My first race was the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon which I did on a whim. It was my first experience of being at the starting line with a big group and it was a big step for me in my health journey. I remember crossing the finish line like it was yesterday and was an amazing experience for me considering only a few years earlier I could have hardly run around the block. A few years later completing the Leadville 100 was pretty special, but the first race really stick with me.

Read Jason's bio here.
Wes Plate running path projects
Wes Plate, Everett, Washington: 

In 2019 I completed the Moab 240 endurance run. Moving for four days with little sleep taught me that we’re capable of so much.

Read Wes's bio here and watch his Moab 240 video.
Toby silver running san francisco
Toby Silver, San Francisco, CaliforniaRunning every street in San Francisco! 
I am proud to be the first to complete this project in its entirety and to capture a digital footprint along the way. 2600+ streets, 5194 miles, 581,000 feet of climbing (imagine 630 Twin Peaks or 20 oxygen free Mount Everest climbs!), countless hours of adventure and fun. Traversing the city's landscape and neighborhoods, I met many people, and strengthened bonds with old friends & new.

Read Toby's story here.

Jamison Swift - running
Jamison Swift, Fridley, MN

Savage 100 - First 100 miler. I made a plan and executed it better than I could have hoped for. Pacing - I love helping others achieve their goals, and I've had the honor of pacing at many different races including Tahoo 200 and Superior 100.

Read Jamison's bio here.


Any races or adventures on your horizon and / or bucket list?

Chris La Croix running 

Chris La Croix, South Berwick, Maine: 30 by 30! This past summer I made it a goal to complete a 30+ mile race by my 30th birthday in Nov. My longest race to date is a single marathon back in 2018. While it won’t work out for me to attend an organized event at this time, I fully intend to still complete this goal before my deadline. I guess we’ll know soon how I did. Ha!

Read Chris's bio here.

Bill Callahan running

Bill Callahan, Whiteboro, New York: London and Tokyo marathons to complete the world majors.

Read Bill's bio here.

Brandon Chase running
Brandon Chase, Northeast Harbor, Maine:

Once the world opens back up, I'm looking forward to racing overseas again. I'm eyeing several events in Mexico, Nepal, and Malaysia.

Andy hooks path projects running
Andy Hooks, Lubbock, Texas: 

2021: 600K, Bigfoot 200, MOAB 240, and maybe Boston marathon.

Read Andy's bio here.
Martin Criminale running

Martin Criminale, Seattle WA: When I started running the goal was always to enter UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc). This was only confirmed when I ran the Eiger Ultra Trail 100k in 2016 and got to experience European racing for the first time. It was amazing! I'd like nothing more than to participate in the Super Bowl of ultra trail running.

Read Martin's bio here.

Floris Gierman running PATH projects

Floris Gierman, Los Angeles, California: Recently we had a PATH projects shoot at Zion in Utah. I'm looking forward to running the Zion Traverse 50 miler through the entire park. Also, the Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon is high on the bucket list.

Read Flo's bio here.

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